Daily Archives: February 24, 2006

Babylon 5

Whilst creating a list I came across some sad news.
Andreas Katsulas who played G’Kar has died from cancer aged 59.
His portrayal of G’kar gave him an air of nobility, mixed with a touch  of likeable  cheeky miscreant.
However G’kar could be a very dark and complex character , especially where the Centauri Alliance and Londo Mollari were concerned.
He also possessed one of the smoothest voices heard on tv, the sort you could listen to talking for hours, it just seemed to flow over you.
Sadly missed,  R.I.P
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More sounds can be heard at:
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Or check out his official web site:

Virgins Captain!

Well , here it is , as promised Magic, the first step towards blogland! 
It will probably be a load of old tosh but even Bill Gates had to start somewhere.
What to write?…. dunno, meanderings and disjointed thoughts coupled with the occasional rant about some incredibly important insignificant happening in the world and life of The Olde Dog.
Started writing this at work in the afternoon but had to stop and am now writing it late at night after a tiring day out.
Its funny how things just jump out of your head sometimes. After having spent most of the night playing GTA vice city ( not very well I might add- I cant stop myself going on killing sessions) I was sitting here thinking about going to bed , when my thoughts were pulled to my gran who died in January.She was 99 just, had a long and good life I know, but it doesn’t seem to matter somehow.
Death is so final, an end to everything here. I hope to meet up again sometime, maybe.
You just get used to having people around, they have always been there, they always will be there, so when they are not, it leaves a big hole.
Enough now. This is turning into a sad tale which wasn’t the point of starting this…..well perhaps it was a bit. I have a feelling that this blog is going to turn out a bit like the video Diary Of Sgt. Pinback in the film Dark Star.
Citizen Ray.. The Olde Dog salutes You!
I’m going to bed