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bored bored bored

Yes folks its me..zzzzzzzzzz……..
Have just watched a game of football at the Villa that has sent me to sleep.
How the billyo fuck did they manage to beat Chelsea last week?
What a shit team, followed shortly after by us.
There is a definite air of "tits to it" floating round the stately grounds at B6, and thats the players!
Supporters are just about at the end of their tethers, yes I know its not likely that the Villa will get relegated..this season.. but next is a completely different kettle of fish.
There are too many passengers at this club, both on and off the field, people who have decided that B6 is going to be their rest home and paycheck thanks very much.
Folks with no competition for places, who know that if they play shit, so what, who’s going to be replacing them?
Yes thats fucker, so thanks all you mugs that pay to come to see us , but bollocks to you all, I’m all right jack, arseholes.
Well something needs to be done, and soon.
If its players out and replaced with "people who are going to try and compete" (Dol 250306), or even getting rid of the aforementioned Irish apologist, then so be it, but whatever soon it must be.
 On a more pleasurable note, a field day/week has been had by me and all Villa fans after Tuesday nights debacle of the Blues at the hands of the Mighty Reds (their words).
I especially like their song about Stevie Bruce has got a big fat head….well carry on like that me laddo, and he wont have a job soon either (especially if ManU stick it upem 7-0 tommorrow) Ho Ho Ho!!!
The demotion of the filth will result in the porn peddling owners then soon departing the halls of the Sty to pastures new (probably Cardiff), thereby by leaving the club right up shit creek without a paddle!!
Have decided to give Mrs. Dog a nice trip to a big city and have booked to take the  old dragon to Paris at the end of April for a couple of nights, to chill the flame breather out a bit, as she has been working very hard to keep me in the biscuits that I am accustomed to!
I will report on that after we get back…(obviously).
Not much more to report , just to wish all mothers out there                                  
         Happy Mothers Day!!
It wil be a bit sad for us at Dog Towers, because this will be the first Mothers Day after my poor old Gran died in January, so we are trying to make a fuss of my mum to take her mind of things.
Have a good one.
Ps. Does anyone know what has happened to Gay Prawn?

Lucky Seven ?

 I have just watched the funniest thing I have seen on TV for at least … well a long time anyway. For those that want to know ( and there must be a least one ) there has been played  tonight a game laughingly called  football at St Andrews, Birmingham, home of the oppressed ,and victimised by everybody from the council to Romany Gypsy travellers who have been rumoured to have put a curse on the ground, Birmingham City Football Club (alledgely, football club that is) who have been PLAYED OFF THE PARK  by Liverpool who beat them 7 nil.. yes thats right
Oh dear.
Never mind.
What a pity.
I wasn’t going to take the mick, but after listening to a radio phone in show, where a person called Linda ( I think) called in to say the Tony Butler ( presenter ) and the Council were all victimising Birmingham City because they were phoning up saying how bad the team was, and that they should have been given the casino, and that everyone in Birmingham should support Birmingham City FC (BCFC) because the team is named after the city and Cunningham is going to kick that useless Peter Crouch off the park, and he’s no good, and shouldn’t be going to the world cup, and anyway all those villa supporters and West Brom supporters are only jealous of BCFC ‘coz  the blues are in the 6th round and they aren’t , and anyway……etc.
  Shut up woman!!
    You are talking
Rant over now.
Every day in every way, once again we have to thank the blues for giving us a jolly good laugh.
Thank you. 
I feel the clock is ticking for Mr. Bruce. 
Oh shit..thats seven!
Steve Bruce tonight

More of the Same

      Well well well, another bad day at the office for the Claret & Blue glory boys, who upon reflection are not so glory at all, and on Saturday were mainly just boys
Inept defending, lack of finishing, coupled with the absence of some regular players who could have made a difference, meant that this was a game we were never going to win.
The only plus point ( if you can take one from a 4-1 hammering) is Gabriel Agbonlahor, who looked usefull at times.
At last O’leary has realised the we ARE in a relegation fight.At least the results went right for us, with all around the bottom losing (apart from Fulham, who are winning right now, but this is against Chelsea so thats not going to stay like that for long).
Anyway.. enough talking about losers…
Clarins massage time!!
it was off to our local department store for a Clarins Back & neck massage yesterday, (before you think I have turned, it was a Christmas pressie from my misses).
Very relaxing, first time I have had anything like this, Exfoiiating scrub on my back first, followed by a rubbing with oils and then a massage ( on my back), very nice.
Then on my head and neck, which I have to confess was the best bit, and a little rub of the ears.
All too quickly it was over, and i realised that the precautionary tug I was considering in the morning, would have been a waste of time ( relatively), as it wasn’t THAT kind of massage.
I  can highly recommend a Clarins massage,its very very relaxing, and you do feel better afterwards.
DONT go expecting other services and DONT wave £20 in front of the young lady and ask her if she does french!
This might result in a hand/face/knee/lower crotch area interface which could sting quite a bit.
Because of the expectations of the impending football, and possibe trouser extending activities, i forgot to phone up the Diving club to see if I can get in on Monday night. tits. Never mind , I will give them a call in the morning to see if there’s anything going.
At last the weather has been warm and fine enogh for me to go to work on my bike, (zx6r).lt was superb to be back on it for a good ride, even if it was to work.
If you get a chance check out some of the recommend blogs… there are some really funny people out there!
Happy surfing.


Now you have seen, please show you have been… Thanks

The Falling Man : 9/11

For those that don’t know what this is all about, the falling man was a picture taken on 11th September of the Twin Towers in New York, shortly after the planes had hit.
New York photographer Richard Drew was taking photos of the Trade Centre and captured the images without realising what he had got. When he processed the film there was this image of the man, falling gracefully, seemingly  accepting of his fate as he plummeted 1000 feet to the ground. this image (one of a series of 12 ) was so powerful, that it was syndicated worldwide and published to a universal storm of protest from readers who found its symbolysm too much to bear.
This photgraph then vanished from public view, as did any acknowledgement that approximately 200 other people has also jumped. The official version was that they had either been blown out, or that they had fallen, either way a complete denial that they had jumped.
Tom Junod, a journalist, decided that he would try to find out, who this icon , this falling man, actuallly was.
After much research, a possible idendtity was suggested, Norberto Hernandez, which encountered much resistance from his family.
This identity was discounted, and again after further research and interviews with Staff from the Twin Towers , and posible family members, a new name was suggested, Jonathan Briley.
Is this the Falling Man? 
Possibly, maybe even probably, but who ever he was, he had a terrible choice to make, as did many others.
A choice I hope I never have to make.
For a more in depth article please visit:
Falling man  photographed by Richard Drew 
Jonathan Briley

Same Old S**t

   Well folks the title says it all.
Same Old Shit…. I have to say, I didn’t really think that we would have a chance up there,and when I heard the team news, I knew the game was up.Only 4 subs ( if you can call them that) ,
no JPA, no Lee Hendrie and Berger gets injured in the warm up!! Whats that all about? and no subs to replace him? Whats that all about? Coupled with comic defending at times those mancs must have thought Billy Smarts must have come to town.
AND…. Niall Quinn comentating for Sky!! what a tosser.. he was that far up Man Citys and Stuart Pearces arse it was unbelievable!
Unbiased commentary my dick!!!
 I personally think that Stuart Pearce should be Englands next manager, his motivational skills are superb, would you want to get a hairdryer off him! Plus he lives the game, touchline antics apart, leading by example. He might need a bit of help tactically, give him the chance.
It was pretty crap apart from the last 10 mins when we scored a nd decided to play a bit but even so if it had gone to extra time & pens, it was a lost cause. Having Baros go off at half time as well did us no favours.
Roll on Saturday.. Everton at Goodison, more of the same….?

Great Expectations

   Tonights the night!
Man city away in the F.A. Cup.. disgrace or glory. Don’t let anyone tell you that the cup doesn’t mean anything any more because it does. Ask any Many City fan or villa fan at 10.00pm tonight and they will tell you straight.
Heads held high or slumped over a desk in the morning.
Lets see what tomorrow brings… is it going to be Glory Glory Glory! 
Disappointed ….. again.
Who knows but all I want to say is
more news tomorrow