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what a ball ache!

 facking hell!!!
its taken me absolutely facking ages to log on to this heap of shit!
It might be something to do with the fact that I forgot my log on …due to 2 weeks in sunny Greece.. but FACKING HELL! I almost gave up.!!!!!
Only the thought that I might loose the adresses I have stored, kept me on the straight and narrow.!! BIG ARSES!!!!
Sorry to all that might have been checking to see if I was still alive..well maybe one person anyway.. thanks lea…. I have downloaded this supposed to be fuck off new messenger.(it made me do it , honest guv) I dont know if this is going to work right.
Secondly, if this seems a bit disjointed . well it is. i am quite pissed after a heavy night out, and my spelling and punctuation have gone to pot.
Please bear with me , but if you cant, leave a message and an address and I mgnt get back to you; "see what I mean" ( its wank really, I know I ought to try harder but .. ALCOHOL, its  the devils brew. TITS.
I have shitloads to tell you ( its not going to be a repeat of the paris trip honest) bit right now…. well its not time.
I’m a little bit drunky wunky and i cant write straight, though I feel the urge to ramble on (beer  & wine..never mix the grape and the grain, my old mum says, and thats another story ! )
Sorry to all that have tried to listen to me old playlist ( yes thats you o Angel) it worked fine when I put the fucker on, but not all of it seems to be working now, so please bear with me until I get it sorted out..if I can actually work out what the fuck is wrong  
See you soon dudes, time to go to bed and be ill in the morning

Its Good to be back!

  No its not .. Its SHIT!
I’m going to bed because its 3.10 pm here and i have had no sleep because I had to go straight in to work this morning after getting off the plane and I am FUCKED!!!  
Andio friends,
καλή νύχτα! ( greek for good night, bet you can’t guess where I have been

Lest we forget

 1 year ago, on the 7th July 2005 , 4 men decided to go to London, and try to kill as many people as they could.
They succeeded in maiming hundreds and killing 52 people
These are their names.
Stan Brewster                      52
Jonathan Downey                34
David Foulkes                      22
Colin Morley                        52
Jenny Nicholson                   24
Laura Webb                         29
James Adams                      32
Samantha Badham               36
Phil Beer                             22
Anna Brandt                        42
Ciaran Cassidy                    22
Elizabeth Daplyn                 26
Arthur Edlin Frederick          60
Karolina Gluck                     29
Ganze Gunoral                    24
Lee Harris                          30
Ojara Ikeagwu                   55
Emily Jenkins                    24
Adrian Johnson                 37
Helen Jones                      28
Susan Levy                       53
Shelley Marie Mather         26
Michael Matsushita            37
James Mayes                    28
Behnaz Mozakka               47
Mihaela Otto                   46
Atique Sharifi                 24
Ihab Slimane                  24
Christain " Njoya " Small 28
Monica Suchocka            23
Mala Trivedi                   
Rachel Chung For Yuen   27
Lee Baisden                   34
Benedetta Ciaccia           30
Richard Ellery                21
Richard Gray                 41
Anne Moffat                  48
Fiona Stevenson            29
Carrie Louise Taylor       24
Anthony Fatayi-Williams 26
Jamie Gordon                30
Giles Hart                       55
Marie Hartley                  34
Myriam Hyman                31
Shahara Islam                 20
Neetu Jain                       37
Sam Ly                           28
Shyanuja Parathasangary  30
Anat Rosenberg               39
Phillip Stuart Russell        28
William Wise                   54
Gladys Wundowa            51
52 names…. 52 people … 52 families devastated by 4 men.
Typing these names into this entry, putting pictures to the names, every one has a family, every one was just going to work or out to town. 
Did they really deserve this?
I was on holiday when this was happening, sitting on a beach laughing when people were being blown to bits.
We only found out about it because a tv was on in the hotel lounge.
My brother works in Canary Wharf. Mobile networks were in meltdown,  no calls were getting through, no texts, nothing.
Scary scary feeling, worring about a member of your family,not  knowing if he was dead or alive , and praying that he had got to work early… or late.
After about 3 hours of wanting to spew, finally I got a text message comfirming he was ok.
I got very drunk that night.
Lest we forget

No More Tears

  Well folks….. that was it.
Our best chance for a world cup win for the next 8 years went out of the window last Saturday.
it has taken me this long to get even slightly over it…happily by now all the post defeat analysis has been done to death, so I haven’t got to go over it again.
Just a few things worth mentioning though.
Becks… people should get off his back. it if wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t even have been in the Portugal ( cheating gits, especialy that bastard Ronaldo. Go get him wazza!   ) match.
He has served his team and country well, and I for one will be sad to see him go, even though I must say , I thought we looked a better team when Lennon ( Aaron , not John ) came on.
we wont even mention sendings off , penalties , and that wanker Ronaldo.
Oopps! Sorry chaps, looks like I already did.
Final words on THAT match. Don’t blame Rooney for getting sent off, don’t blame Becks, don’t blame Crouch, he is not a  lone stiker.
You can blame Sven a bit. not enough strikers, possibly the wrong  strikers, and FUCKING APPALLING penalty taking.
Ronaldo can fuck off, the cheating little twat, and so can big " teach them to dive " Phil. Fuck the lot of them.
One very good semi final, one not so good, sets up a Italy- France cup final. Thats the same france that everybody (including me ) thought were going to do shit this time round.
Personally i am not really bothered who wins now, I just hope its a good match. 
Roll on the start of next season!
Due to too many pints of Stella during the match already discussed above, I got wankered on Saturday night, but luckily didn’t disgrace myself at the next door neighbours barbie.
Phew! thats a first.
The next morning I woke up feeling like shit, which was bad for a lot of reasons, not only cerebal ache type ones.
You see , me and Mrs. Dog had got 2 premium paddock tickets for the British Moto Gp at Donnington.
Facking Great!! 
I had quite forgotten the sound of a gp bike on full chat, and now they are 4 strokes, its like F1.
The weather was glorious, saw loads of bike stars , and  met Sammi Hypia, a defender who plays for Liverpool. there’s a turn up for the books.
Anyway many many apologies to all my reader(s) for not puttting any entries on here, apart from the footy , its been like a fucking madhouse here, and i am sorry ,  but I just haven’t had time… even at work..whats that about?
I am off on my hollibobs this saturday for 2 weeks and probably wont be able to get internet access while we are away.
we are going to the greek island of Kos, to a little village called kefalos, down the south of the island.
we have been a few time now, and know quite a few locals, so we are really looking forward to it.
relaxing , chilling by the beach, going diving. can’t the waether has been gorgeous here with temperatures well in the 30’s, so for the first time in my life I am going away with a tan , well the start of one anyway.
See you in two weeks, for lots of fun filled tales of sun, sea and …well you never know!!
Happy days!!