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Bike Show


Girls on Bikes.. dont you just love them! 


 Kawasaki ZX6r Front End

Live to Ride?..


Father Christmas’s Secret Hiding Place


 Bet you all wondered where Father Xmas went during the close season… yes that’s right, round at my house! .. look the photo proves it!      

Search Results

  As is my wont sometimes, well usually every time I log on to this thing, I check to see how many visits I have had, and also some of the referring addresses.
This can make for quite interesting research, as most of the  " searches " come off some japanese ( I think ) search engine  or something like that.
However the last one takes the biscuit, as somehow the title of this tome, has been listed ,on Yahoo if you dont mind ,so that if you type in 39c tits ,
in at number 40 comes yours truly.
Now there’s a thing!
Whilst on the subject of visits , a great big
Thank You !
to everybody that has visited since i started, pushing the total of page views to over 700,
which considering this started out as a vehicle for self expression aint bad.
Cheers big ears!


 They say that you can make statistics say whatever you want them to say, so here goes.
First statistic:
Today is 31st October. 
Second statistic.
31st October is Halloween   
Third Statistic:
My fucking front door hasn’t stopped banging all fucking night, with all sorts of personages dressed up as all manner of apparitions, demanding " Trick or Treat", and not being satisfied with a choccy bar or its ilk, but insisting on ready cash.. folding preferably, as 50p is just not enough.
Fourth Statistic :
Sooner or later one of the " trick or treaters " is going to be told to FUCK OFF! and stop banging on the door. 
I think that from these four statistics we can deduce,
a. Halloween is a pain in the arse if you haven’t got any kids.
b. Children today are never satisfied with what they get.
c. I might well end up with a black eye by the end of tonight!  
Enjoy yourselves tonight!

Oh Dear!

 As we were standing in the queue at the butchers this morning ( what an
 exciting life I lead sometimes! ) , we heard this ALMIGHTY crash, and turned round to see the sight pictured below.
           This was left parked over some bollards up the road.
Just out of shot, but within hearing distance, was a very red faced man, soon to be spoken to by Englands finest as to just how he had managed to drive down a clear road,avoiding the parked autos in the background, and on to the pavement, narrowly missing passing shoppers ,some of whom were nearly on their way to a celestial version of  " shoppers Paradise " 
                               I some how think the word
                                     just doesn’t say enough

Happy Days

I’ve just found out that me and the old growler are celebrating an anniversary today.
20 years ago,  on this very date , me and the soon to be Mrs. Dog, got engaged.
Not a very splendid occassion, but never the less, a very important day in my life, because it led to where we are now.
Still happliy married and still very happy
For my lovely Mrs.


Many moons ago I came upon a site called
This site appears to have disappeared from the face of blog land.
This is a request
Does anyone know if this site is still on line, or been moved somewhere else?
I did consider putting " does any one know where my testarticles is " but I thought it would leave me open to all sorts of smutty replies
All quiet here at home , though the winter is a coming, and the local soothsayer is predicting a cold one folks, something to do with the size of her berries ( ooer! ).
Good luck to the England later on today, though it should be an easy run out for the glory boys.
See you all soon