Daily Archives: January 5, 2007

Tooth forty five

That’s a relief, got away with only 2 fillings on the top, though the biggie that needs doing on the bottom will have to be done at a later date.
Got to go back on the 26th January at 8.30am which entails a very early start for me..
My foot is throbbing a bit, but feels better when I move it, which is the complete opposite of gout, which only feels better when
a) it gets better
b) you have your foot chopped off.
Happily for me  and me poor old still fully connected paws, item b has not yet had to happen!
Oh well , onwards and downwards – back to work
See you soon!

Tooth hurtee!

 Well folks, after the excesses of christmas and getting ballisticaly pissed over new year, I have decided to go on a fitness regime.
Yup, no more beer ( bollocks! ), wine or high calorie stuff, so kebab meat & chips is right out!
Coupled with a xmas pressie off Mrs. Dog of a Golds Gym exercise bike, ( I asked for it .. oK! ) my new regime has started off with a bang… which has rapidly become a whimper, because I think I have sprained my flipping foot doing too much pedalling…
Double Bollocks!
I have done about 60 miles on the infernal contraption, in a few nights, the last 2 being 13miles & 6 miles last night.
This doesn’t sound much, but for a usualy sedate old dog like meself ma’am, it IS quite a lot.
Its either that or …. GOUT! 
This is a particulary nasty afflication, caused by the build of of purines in your bloodstream, which cause crystals to build in in your joints, which then causes the afflicted part to react against the crystals ( which by the way are VERY VERY painfull) , and swell up, become very tender and even more painfull to touch.
The only way to describe how this feels is it is like someone has dropped a flagstone on your foot, so it feels like its broken, then just as your are thinking fuck me that hurt, some other tosser goes and pours 2 gallons of scalding  hot water  over it as well.
Nowbefore you all start thinking that I have been eating beeef and venison and quaffing vast quantities of Chateau Neuf du Pape ( classy froggie Red vino), and Cockburn Port, that is not the only way to get this condition.
Not drinking enough water also causes the crystals to build up, and while I have been drinking water, I have also been sweating cobbs whilst pedalling like fuck on me new procured and previously mentioned exercise bike.
Hmmm.. I hope its not,  or its 2 weeks of shit for me.
It will be home James and the administration of some indomethacin tablets to reduce the swelling.
Further updates will become available as the swelling and ache either increase or decrease.. hopefully.
And if thats not enough, its off to the dentist in 45mins for me for at least 2 fillings , maybe even three, ( long overdue maintenance, not bad teeth!)
Triple bollocks!
Look like a great start to 2007 for me.