Tooth forty five

That’s a relief, got away with only 2 fillings on the top, though the biggie that needs doing on the bottom will have to be done at a later date.
Got to go back on the 26th January at 8.30am which entails a very early start for me..
My foot is throbbing a bit, but feels better when I move it, which is the complete opposite of gout, which only feels better when
a) it gets better
b) you have your foot chopped off.
Happily for me  and me poor old still fully connected paws, item b has not yet had to happen!
Oh well , onwards and downwards – back to work
See you soon!

One response to “Tooth forty five

  1. Sounds like someone is having fun…
    I HATE Dentist…scare the bloody life out of me 😦
    Hope you have a better weekend!
    Take Care~Have Fun!!

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