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New Years Resolutions

 Well folks, that was it.. 2006, Xmas, New Year, Hangover,  now
New Years resolutions.
I never usually do New years resolutions, mainly because I can never keep to the fucking things, but last year I vowed to lose 2.5stones and by sheer force of will, and many many days and nights of feeling like my throat had been cut, I finally managed to do it.
Unfortunately due to the previously mentioned christmas excesses ,my girth has once more increased, and the lovely semi lithe shape so gruelingly obtained over the past 12 months, has gone to the tip along with all the other rubbish.
ok this is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture, so….
 Resolution Factor Time
 Resolution 1: Get down to 12 stones or less.
This one is obtainable I think , so has a Res Factor of 10, meaning a dead cert.
Resolution 2 : Wear everything in my wardrobe at least once this year (excludind pants and socks).
hmm, this one is harder for more than one reason,
a) I do have quite a lot of togs, some of which I have had a long time ( and definitely won’t fit so they don’t count ) ,
b) Some of the aforementioned togs are so old they might just come back in to fashion in about 20years , so possible embarrasment here,
c) Mrs.Dog will have to wash the worn clothing afterwards.
This last point might actually be the one that blows it,  so after much consideration I have given it a Res factor of 5,
meaning could be done, with a little bit of persuasion. 
Resolution 3 : To have a complete day of no swearing.
This one is even harder that Res 2, mainly due to the fact that I work with a load of blokes, and swearing ( whilst deplorable me lud ) is part of the day, and as soon as I mention a no swearing day, the wicked bastards will do their level best to help me break this resolution.
Plus it would have to be a carefully selected day with no football matches to attend, or  even go watch , as for some reason footie tends to bring bad language forth…though if you had watched some of the performances I have you would understand why!
Therefore I have given this a Res factor of ….1,
meaning that I really have fuck all chance of completing it.
Oh well , you can’t win them all!
To everybody that has made resolutions
Good Luck!! 
and to those that haven’t…..
Good decision!!   
See you soon!!