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the sun HAS got his hat on!

   Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!
Brilliant, at last some warm weather, and the sun is SHEEEEINING !!  so hopefully it’s in the garden time and mowing the lawn when I get home, then I might partake of a snifter of that demon potion known as cider ( but not too much ), and crash out in a sun lounger for a quick siesta..mmmm, nice!
At the end of May , the old growler & I , are going for a romantic weekend in Paris.. regular readers of long standing will be aware the we have done this before, quite a few times now, and this usually involves a lot of walking, amongst other things, and as we have become a tad sedentary receently, so we decided that as the weather was fine, we would walk into the local large urban conurbation,to get some practice in.
Good idea. excepting what I had forgotten was that this aforementioned town centre , was in fact 2 miles away!!
Never mind, the decision was made, so off we strolled, meandering down the main road, gawping at all the houses that you just dont get to see when you go sailing past at 40mph.
30( ish ) mins later, there we were, suprisingly still flight of foot, and feeling ok, so the old growler decides to have a quick bit of retail therapy, then a pub lunch.
After a little persuasion, we sullied off to the nearest purveyor of comestibles & alcoholic beverages, that also had sky  tv, so that we could see the mancs get stuffed, ( they were losing 2-0 at that time.
Little did I realise that ,
a) we apppeared to be sitting in the Birmingham branch of the Mold trafford supporters club, and
b) The bastards went on to win 4-2… tits!!!
The bastard pub went crazy with all the brummie reds ( who have never been to manchester in their lives ) singing " we’re going to win the league! "…
Talk about singing when you’re winning… wankers.
Anyway, in a mixture of disgust & a pint of Stella , we decided to walk back home again, another 2 miles, and arrived back at our house,with slightly aching plates of meat, to be greeted with the fantastic news , that the claret & blue boys , AVFC, were stuffing our hoodoo team, Man City 2-0,so we decided to check out the results before  a quick sunbathe, followed by  the televisual delights of the excellent Dr. Who.
The results were quite interesting, my good mate Lords’ team ,Sheffield United won 1-0, West Ham ( not a favourite of the aforementioned Lord ) beat Wigan 3-0 at Wigan, and Charlton got stuffed at Blackburn…
This makes for a great finale for the end of the season with any 2 from 6 possibly joining Watford through the trap door.
Personally I think Charlton are already fucked, so really its between W.Ham, Wigan & Fulham, with Sheffield United a long way off, though still not too far away to get dragged into it.
This corking news re. AVFC, was tempered with the sad for the premier league news, that  the shit, ( Birmingham City, I wont call the shower of  shite a football club ), even though they had only got 10 men, won fucking 2-0, thereby guaranteeing themselves promotion.
Arseholes !!
You just watch all the blue noses wankers , that have been hidden under a stone for the last 12 months start to make an appearance.. ( they already have!! )
Never mind, its good to know that there’s 6 points there for us already. 
Update time.
I’ve got home, the wanker sun has gone in, its flipping freezing, Derby lost at Crystal Palace , thereby making certain that the shit are promoted, and I have watched one of the best world superbike races for a couple of years, from Assen,with James Toseland winning the first race, and being pipped at the post by Troy Bayliss, and yes folks, I do mean pipped, by 0.009 of a second!
Fack me, thats close…. but Bayliss had better drive out of the last corner, JT pulled a couple of small wheelies, and bang, that’s the race win gone, just like that.
He’s still leading the series, so it’s not all doom & gloom…
Go James , go!!
The lack of sheeeining sun, now means that the cidery & snoozy exploits are consigned to the bin, and I am going to have to break out the flymo, and cut the grass..
Double arseholes…..
my life is surrounded by cowpats from the devils own satanic herds…
Oh well I better get on with it…
Have a good weekend, whats left of it, & if anything interesting happens.. well you will be almost the first to know.. if I can get online that is!!
See you later dudes!
More footy news!!
Big Sam " I’m the best English manager around" Allerdyce has resigned from Bolton, with immediate effect.
That Balti pie was shit!
Rumours abound as to his  ultimate destination, but Ye Olde Seadog understands that Stuart Pearce & Stve McClaren are both looking nervously at their respective employes for the dreaded vote of  confidence….

I’m fucking mental me!!


Oh Bollocks!


It’s a shit job Sam,

you don’t really want it… do you?? 


Watch this space!!!


Stop Your Messing Around!

 what the billyo is going on with this space stuff?
Whilst on a surfing mission yesterday I saw on Tinks’ site an entry about space problems, so I cleverly wrote that the only prob I was having was sometimes it took a few goes to upload music to my space..annoying and time consuming, but workable…
Now it appears the all my blogs dont automatically display like they used to… am I the only one, because it looks like I am the only one at the moment! AND I can’t change the poxy video on the media player.. its driving me MENTAL
This is going to take further investigation
Plans for this weekend involve a rest because I feel completely knackered for some reason, and I was going to spend all weekend reposing on a sun lounger, watching tv,  ( thanks Cat, you’ve made some good points there ) and topping up my batteries.
Unfortunately Ra the sun god, has decided to to take the day off, and appears to lurking behind a dense bank of cloud…. bastards!.
Hopefully he will decided to put his hat on, hip hip hip hooray, and come out to play, otherwise I shall have to think of something esle to do… actually there’s plenty, but I just don’t feel like it today.
Dr. Who tonight…. Martha Jones is starting to grow on me…. lots of footy on the tv… then tomorrow work ( bastards.. but its only for 4 hours ) , then off to Villa Park
to watch the Villa hopefully slaughter Portsmouth. ( thats a lose then, because that what always happens when I am confident of a win, or possible draw!  )
On a more serious front, my poor old mum has had a bit of problems with her sight recently,and so after 3 years of trying, and moving her doctor, has finally had an appointment with the eye specialist, who has diagnosed a cataract in one eye ( operable ) and bleeding into the eyeball in the other mince pie.. no comment on this one except " we will have to wait until the bleeding stops before we can do anything " .. ok, that I understand, but surely they must be able to find out what is causing the bleeding?
She is now on the waiting list, and getting more trepidacious by the minute, because if something goes wrong ( not very likely, about 95% of ops go well ) and the bleeding doesn’t stop in the other eye, she will pretty well be fucked, with no sight at all.
Poor old badger!
I shall report back on the space stuff later, if anyone else if having the same probs, and has got a solution, please please feel free to share the secret!
Have a good weekend all
Sun Update….
It would appear that my disappointment re. Ra, the sun, and hats was perhaps a bit premature, and my sun worshipping plans might yet well come to fruition, as I am looking out of the window to see………. ta da
so its off up the road to get some bread, the old growler is preparing the bacon and sausages ( woof woof) even as we speak, for a breakfast, then its outside enjoying the sun!!
Laters dudes!!

Saturday Smatterday!

 Hello chaps its is I ,
I, I’m afraid, is well under the afluence of incahol, after a strenuous ( probably not spelt right) day doing the garden, going up the bookies, putting a bet on ( ta Carole for the advice ) and then getting wankered on cider, a potent potion that I have not consumed for a considerable amount of time!
I managed to get the tv outside to enjoy the sun, watch the national, and the the footy,  ,Manure v Watford, who to give them credit did very well against a class team..
Bollocks.. I really wanted the hornets to win.. it was never going to happen.. but thats football..
And talking about dreams.The Claret & Blue Army  ( thats the Villa ) won today, 2 away wins on the trot, so I would think that we are safe now.. thank fuck..
I have kept away from footy blogs,mainly because I really haven’t had anything to crow about, but todays result should do it 
Me old mate Lord’s team ( Sheffield United ) had a very good win today against the Hammers, who I think are doomed , along with Watford.
This makes the other relegation prospect quite interesting… Wigan.. Charlton.. Fulham..
personally I hope its Fulham..
Al Fayed sacking Coleman right now is shit… He has done a great job for  few years, and now is NOT the time to get  rid..
All they have managed to do is unsettle the team,AND they weren’t really in that much danger.. so fuck’em.. ..
Bye bye!!
Grand National News
Due to the fact that I am a shit gambler ( talk a good game , but never deliver ), I dont really bet, ( one day I wil tell you the story about Red Rum & the each way bet ), but I got caught up in the hysteria, and got tempted up to BetFred at the top of our road to put a bet on.
Sullying forth to the aforementioned Turf acountant , armed with advice from Studentnursecarole , and the BBC, on eachway bets, I emplaced a veritable plethora of wagers on 9 hosses, of which 2 came in, finishing second at 14-1 and 4th at 66-1
Now I would like to explain what that means, but I really dont know, but  I do know that I won, hoorah!! and that for the massive outlay of £18,  I realised the  vast return of…… £ 22!!!
Big fucking deal.
I told you I was shit at this game.
I am sitting here now wishing I had put tenners on the beasts, but knowing my luck ,if I had done that, none of the fuckers would have come in.. mind you, it did make it a bit more interesting.. especially the last few lengths ,when I thought I might have picked a winner for the first time in 30 years!!
Ah well, as my dad once said to me
" Son, gamblings a mugs game, so don’t do it"…
So I don’t .. very often
What about the weather??? 
Brilliant… global warming.. great!
I will be well sparked out by the time it gets really shit world weatherwise , & I’m not convinced that it will – (I think thats a separate entry, global warming, not me sparked out ,)-  though the way I feel at the moment, that might not be far off!!
Flushed of face, loose of head, who invented this stuff….
I just know tomorrow is going to bring some kind of throbby headache, and maybe, if I’m unlucky, some kind of upchucking episode…
Booze ,it’s the curse of the working classes!!
Have a good weekend folks, dont drink too much.. especially cider.. and I will return coherently, and sober( ish) very soon. if you are unlucky!.
Manyana dudes!
 Update time!!!!
Its now sunday morning, albiet just sunday morning, I’ve just watched football first, then match of  the day, and I feel like shit, but I don’t think its the cider, more like over exposure to the sun from doing the garden this arvo with out a  hat or suntan lotion on
Hopefully the headachey type feeling I’ve got right now will be better in the morning.
Bonsoir mes amis I’m off to bed !

Easter Bunnies gone philosophical!

 Hi Everyone,
back from deepest Cambrigeshire, at last with a thick head and a full tummy from too much over indulging!
 The weekend started well with an early finish from work, we sent someone out on an errand at 4.00pm, then shut the place up & went home, leaving said employee with a puzzled expresion on his chops when he got back to find it all closed up.
Unfortunately, the consequent early arrival in St. Neots meant that there was more time for partying, and thats what happened.
After much wine & a feast fit for a king, mine host then produced some very tasty Mandarin Vodka ( orange flavour, not chinese ) in a very large measure, then followed it up with an even larger Jameson whisky ….
its making me feel moby just talking about this, and most of Saturday saw me feeling like shit, with a throbbing headache, a feeling of imminent chunder, and a mouth like ghandis slipper!
Luckily for me, the weather stayed fine, so a stroll round St. Ives ( not cornwall ) in the sun sorted me out a treat, and after watching the excellent Dr. Who we sullied forth to the local thai restaurant for some more nosh… and vino ( no spirits this time )…. followed by MORE vino when we got home, this time tempered with the occasional glass of water.
Regular visitors might remember that we haven’t been drinking alcohol at all, & I had quite forgotten the delights of a hangover…never again & all that.. until the next time!
Easter sunday was just quiet & relaxing enjoying the sun, then we came home.. just in time to watch a programme on C4 about the shroud of Turin.
For those that don’t know what this is, it is a holy relic that is alledged  to be the cloth that the expired body of Christ was wrapped up in after his crucifixtion, and then laid to rest in the tomb for 3 days before the resurrection on Easter sunday.
The shroud has somehow got an image of a mans body on it,front & back, and when viewed as a negative, appears to show a 3d picture of a man with terrible torture wounds.


This was examined and discussed by various experts who were trying to acertain the truth behind the Shroud & its origins, as some believe it to be a very clever 14th century fake.

They also examined the methods and instruments of crucifixtion & of scourging in some detail.

This was followed by Mel Gibsons film " The Passion Of The Christ " .

This is not going to be a review of the film or its subject matter or indeed its directors motives for making the film, but the scenes of the scourging & subsequent crucifixtion were graphic to say the least!

Scourging, a particularly nasty punishment

Crucifixtion.. even worse….

Perhaps it was because it was Easter sunday, or perhaps it was the preceding tv programme, but for some reason I just couldn’t get the images out of my head.

I’m not  a religious person really, I swear too much for a start off,& I haven’t been to church for a long time, but I was born a Roman Catholic, and the death of Christ and his resurrection is the basis of the entire religion, and even if you dont believe the bible as a historically correct document,( which I dont), there are too many writings from that time not to believe that A Jesus of Nazareth  was alive AND got crucified for his trouble.

That mans legacy lives on now 2000 years later.


On a lighter note, yesterday was another milestone for me & the old growler, as we celebrated tha anniversary of our first date together……21 years ago!!

Clucking Bell!!

Where did that go…. ?

So I took her out to our local curry house for a celebratory dinner, washed down with a bottle of Mums ( the brand, not my mums ) finest champers, without a doubt my most favourite pint of lager!!

This morning all I can taste is garlic & wine fumes….. luckily the I am on my own in the office today, otherwise there would have been complaints aplenty!!

Thanks to everybody for their easter wishes, I hope you all had a good time too!

Catch you soon