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F.A Cup – F.A. Schmup

  Well thank fuck thats over for another year.
zzzzzz….. The great FA cup, played between two giants of football, it was always going to be a classic.. not!
Actually, confession time here, I couldn’t be bothered to watch it,  instead me and the old growler took a trip to Costco ( where somehow she has managed  to get an affiliated membership card ) to have a look at the merchandise on sale.
I have always found that the way to a womans heart  when she is stressed out, is a quick spot of retail therapy, and if involves shoes, well bob’s your uncle…and so he must be coz it DID involve shoes… & some books,wine, Cobra lager, ( even though we’re not drinking ) & a decision to go out for a curry later on with some friends.
Result… one happy mrs, one soon to be full Seadog, and hopefully one good nights sleep because of it for both of us. (actually as a side note here, my uncle is called Geoff not Bob )
Happily no Eurovision tonight, so it ‘s Doctor Who, then out for the curry & definitely NO Match of the Day.
You miserable bastard, I can hear you all say, just coz the Villa weren’t in it… well there is a bit of that, but my main reasons are..and  in no particular order,
Its not good for English football for the same teams to keep winning everything, because its fucking boring for a start, also if Man U keep winning, more money comes into their coffers, so Sralex can spend more to buy better players,to carry on winning everything, the same going for Chelsea.
The good old days when anyone could win it are gone.
Football has become a big money sport, money talks volumes ( just ask West Ham & Sheffield United), and everybody is playing catch up, just look at the league.
ManUre  89
Chelski  83
Liverpool 68
Arsenal 68
Tottingham 60
Even the " greats " of Liverpool & the Arse are getting left behind, 21 points behind to  be precise…..
Plus I cannot stand  Jose " Chosen One " Mourhino… the man’s  a great manager, but he is a complete cunt.. I though he would be good for the Prem, just to stick it up Sralex’s hooter,
not today Sralex!
 but he has become a victim of his own press & now believes himself to be a god, and bigger than his club & owner, ( which incidentally he wants to watch out for, its not unknown for soviet hit squads to remove dissidents.. allegedly ), but what really did it for me was when he gave away his Premier League winners medal last year, because he had already won it , and it didn’t matter to him.
Well it fucking matters to us Jose, and if it means that little to  you , then fuck off to another league that does mean something !!
Jose today.. he’s looking happy,
He has just won the FA Cup!
Anyway, enough of this xenophobia, and I’ve just read that he is really proud to have won the FA cup and he won’t,  no ,he won’t , not under any circumstances give his medal away this time,( so sorry Jose ) , I’m off to watch Dr.Who,
 have a curry & quaff some lagers,
yum yum!
Have a good night folks, I will !
Night out update
 I did have a few cobra’s last night 3 to be precise, a bottle of wine, and a small 330ml bottle of Grolsch to round it off.
I now smell like a brewery, have a thick head, and feel like shit.
I think it’s because I don’t really drink much now, and it has gone straight to my head!
( well thats what I’m telling myself), so I’m off to have a really strong cup of Coffee, and to wash my mouth out, to get rid of this shitty booze taste in my gob.
Laters dudes!

Random Issues

 Hello folks!
Random issues and where to start…..
Ha I know!
 Why the fuck does the BBC insist on employing that big fat bewigged irish twat " sir " Terry " I’m so funny & witty I could shit " Wogan as the presenter of the aforementioned televisual aural treat.
a twat!
He might have been funny once 20 years ago, but he is a complete has been now.
All he does it sit there on his big potato noshing fanny slagging the whole programme off from start to  finish, making " witty " comments about the state of the performers, the songs,the presenters, and then when it comes to the vote, he is there again, banging on about block voting, and " ho ho ho ho, so dats russia’s 12 points for serbia, dey must have some koind of a deal goin’ on… ho ho ho ho "
If that so Mr. fuck off know it all then why the billyo fuck are you presenting this euro pap shite!
£500,000 pounds fee that ‘s why.. fucking hypocrite!
If it is so biased and shoite then where is the place for it on our tv?
And why can’t you just accept that our entry was a complete load of wank…….
 I actually didn’t watch very much of this last night,( mainly because of the above mentioned points , but I did have the unfortunate pleasure to catch the start, and the hilarious comments  from big tell towards the end of the programme) because I was watching
This was a film about flight United 93, you know , the one where the passengers fought back, that was on its way to the Whitehouse, in terrorist hands, but was forced to crash land because of the bravery of the passengers on board who knew basically that they were fucked and were going to die, but decided to try and have a go.
For some reason ( possibly Terry Wogans  inane babbling earlier on ) I got really wound up, I think because of the helplessness I felt, knowing the outcome, knowing that there was nothing they could have done, and also that I could do ( it’s only a film after all ) , how I would like to have told the highjackers to fuck off, and how I would have felt in that situation.
It also helped  to explain some of the problems that the FAA &  the airforce had that day,and as to why & how the other highjacked planes managed to complete their horrific missions.
Then I watched
I Spit On Your Grave
a film about a girl living somewhere in the US, that gets raped by 4 blokes, then rallying around from a near death situation, wreakes her revenge on the 4 pervs by hanging one of the fuckers, sticking an axe in the back of another, chopping the legs of another with the prop off an outboard motor, and the piece de la resistance, slicing  off a blokes dick with a carving knife whilst giving him a quick tug in the bath!! ouch…
The consequence of all this evenings viewing was a very wound up Seadog, who had a shit nights sleep because of it!
On a more serious note, there is a small little girl missing somewhere maybe in Portugal, maybe in England, but certainly not with her parents
Maddy Mccann
as more & more of this horrendous story comes to light, the more I start to worry about this poor little girl, her parents,in hindsight shoud have known better, and I think as time goes on, questions will be asked about their role in this, but for now all we have to concentrate on is the safe return of Maddy McCann…soon.
I told you this was random issues…..
Happily for you I’m going to finish on….
 The F.A. Premier League
Today was Super Sunday, the last day of the season, with crunch matches for West Ham, Wigan & Sheffield United.
All the Blades needed to do was not lose, & safety was guarenteed, with Wigan taking  the escalator to the Championship.
You all know by now what happened, West Ham won at Manchester United, ( who have got the FA cup final on their minds) with a goal scored by of all people Tevez , & Wigan beat Sheffield United 2-1.
I realy think it shouldn’t have got to this, the hammers should have had the points deducted weeks ago, but once again the powers that be have fucked up big  style, because they thought the Hammers were doomed anyway.
Sorry to see the Blades go, but I feel it won’t be long before they are back again, I’m not bothered about Charlton, though I would have liked Parders to get away with it, if only to stick it up Eggys arse at W. Ham, and Watford were always going down, it remains to be seen whether its "  thanks very much " for Ashley Young or "  Thanks very much mate! .
Credit where its due, and with the FA thats not very often, the statue of Bobby Moore at Wembley is absolutely brilliant,
The artist Phillip Jackson has caught the spirit of the man perfectly, it is a fitting tribute in the right place for a true gent.
Its about time we gave the recognition to the other heroes from that day, to the rest of the squad, before its too late, and judging from this statue, the man for the job is Phillip Jackson.
Have a good week everybody, I think the weather is going to be shit so its , try to keep yourselves dry & warm, me I’m off to my basket to get some kip,
I’m knackered!!
G’night all!
Oopps….. I  have been trying to put scrolling text on here but have had to settle for the led stuff above and I came up here to do this about 4 hours ago, after telling the old growler that i would only be 30 minutes.
 She has now gone to bed in a major huff,acusing me of ignoring her, and I’m sad to say, that your old mate Seadog is in
The Bad Books!!
Time to go and make a fuss of the old growler!

Saturday Funday- Sunday reflection..

 Hello folks,
 Saturday funday didn’t start off too well as the old growler has got a puncture, so we had to go and get that sorted out, which was more difficult than it looked for various conspiratory reasons which I won’t go into now !!
She still hasn’t got done now!!
However, after a massive breakfast ( Saturday tradition as I have to work Sunday mornings – including this one –  bummer! ), I watched Man U probably wrap up the title ( bastards  ) by beating their local " rivals " , the Stuart " i’m fucking mental me " Pearce,  lead Man City 1 – 0, whilst the old growler was upstairs STILL sorting out this presentation thing that she has got to do on Tuesday.
Personally I will be glad when all this collegey stuff is finished, for 3 reasons.
1. I will get my mrs. back
2. I will at long last get access to the keyboard on the computer.
3. Hopefully, with her newly gained qualification, i will be able to retire to the sun!
That last point  was a bit tongue in cheek, I can’t afford to retire yet, & I’m too young anyway….
Then we made our way to Villa Park, where the Claret & Blue glory boys were taking on me old mate Lords team, Sheffield United, also known as the Blades, ( Sheffield, Steel , etc… ) for a match televised on  Prem. Plus ( Sky TV ).
Unfortunately for Neil Warnock, the travelling fans , and the players of the aforementioned Blades, they happened to cop the Villa on THE day that we were celebrating winning THE European cup, 25 years ago.
Now that’s a trophy!
Our new owner Mr. Randy Lerner,
had arranged for all sorts of stuff to be laid on, free reprints on the local rag from 25 years ago, ( very interesting, just to see what was going on then ) free posters of the European Cup winning squad, and to top it all a FREE scarf for all villa fans who attended the match!!
Fuck me.. thats the first time I’ve ever got anything free off the Villa, and a quality scarf it is as well…


Before the match started, they had all the squad on the pitch,( which had had a great big star mown into it to match the star on the new badge )  complete with the Cup, and they paraded around the ground to a rapturous reception from the Villa fans, ( and to be fair, also from the blades as well ) as they made their way to the  packed Holte End, where they were feted like the heroes they are.

Heroes.. 25 years on, complete with Cup

The Holte End.. now that’s what you call a stand!


25 years its taken to get something like this done,( due mainly to a certain Herbert Douglas Ellis & a touch of jealousy because he wasn’t there at the time ), and long overdue it was as well.

The squad have been treated like shit by the Villa for a long time, Mr. Lerner has realised this, & is taking positive steps to put a whole host of things right.

This lesson in footballing history from 1982, inspired our new heroes of 2007 & they played their socks off.

It was one of those days in football when we could have beaten anyone , and I do mean anyone.. Gabbys brilliant first goal, Ashley Youngs’ excellent second,  Patrik Berger, who was outstanding all match, working a great one two with John Carew, then passing the ball into the net, we could have had 8.. no exaggeration chaps!!

Even Neil Warnock graciously admitted that whilst the blades were poor, they had caught the Villa at their best.. brilliant!

Special mention must be made here to a group of Sheffield fans in fancy dress, doing the conga up & down the front of the North stand, until heavy handed Tango men ( stewards ) and the babylon ( police ), broke up the party.

Comes to something when you see Batman & ScoobyDo being carted off with their hands behind their backs.. after all I thought they were on the RIGHT side of the law!!

The match finished & we waited until the current team had done their lap of honour, before we said our goodbyes to our mates around us, which was a little sad really, as they have become folks that it is a real pleasure to see, even if it is a tad infrequently.

To be honest it was great to be able to finish the season at the last home game, with a win, and a convincing one at that, and to be able to cheer them, and to look forward to next season, instead of wondering what the fuck will happen next year, and is it worth getting a season ticket.

I reckon yesterdays performance probably put 5000 on next seasons sales, its amazing what a good win can do for your confidence.

11th now.  probably where we are going to finish, not great, but when tempered  with the fact that under Mr. O’leary ( sorry Lord, here I go again! ) , relegation was a cert, a mid table finish is excellent.

Rll on next season!

This afternoon we are off to the opening of the new £20 MILLION training ground, again free, courtesy of Mr. Lerner, to have a lok round, take some photos, and hopefully meet up with some of the 1982 squad….double brilliant.. I can’t wait, it’s fair making the front of my trousers bulge with excitement.

I will let you know all about it later, plus upload some photos from yesterday.

I hope your weekend is a good as mine is turning out to be,

Keep it real folks, and enjoy your day off tomorrow, if you’ve got one!

Laters dudes!!