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The Wanderer Returns!

Hello folks, I’m back!
Is it good to be back?
Is it bollocks!!  
I returned to massive floods, rain like it is going out of fashion, and a shitload of catching up to do at work, so this is literally the first time I have had a chance to get on here.
What have we been up to??
Well, we went to the sunny island of Kos   , to a place called Kefalos, which has got to be possibly one of the most beautiful places around.
We ended up there a few years ago on a last minute holiday,and liked it so much , we have ended up going there for the last 6 years… yeah yeah, I know, boring huh..well I would normally quite agree with you, but we have made some great friends out there, and its almost like going home.   
There is a real feeling of friendship ( not the false touristy kind,where you are nothing but another euro ), and happily english folks are still liked out there,(unlike certain parts of Spain & Turkey, where disgraceful behaviour while smashed has tarnished our normally positive reputations.
We arrived early on Sunday morning 9th July… fack me, is it really that long ago?, and sullied forth to the beach to see our mate Mike, & to Kos Town to sort out the diving for the next 2 weeks.
We had some suprises at the dive boat, as people we knew from last year were there (which we didn’t expect ), so we booked up some dives, and an Open Water course for the old growler, who is rapidly earning the moniker " Mrs. Seadog ".
That  night saw us down at the Rainbow restaurant, where again we welcomed like long lost relatives. It was a genuine pleasure to see these people again, and happily as my Greek & their English is getting better, we can almost have normal conversations, so we had a lot of catching up to do, as you can imagine.
Don’t worry, I’m not going to give a blow by blow account of the 2 weeks,mainly because it would take too long, but highlights include, 
Penalties  in the foyer of the restaurant for 2 euros ( winner takes all.. that was me.. )mind you it was against a 10 year old boy… I gave his mum the money back later, just to teach him that betting isn’t alway a cert ….. then a game of football  outside of the restaurant, which went on for an hour & a half, and ended up with most of the diners playing as well… brilliant… excepting my team lost 15-13,( tits ),still a good effort though,
Football on the beach.. then skinny dipping afterwards.. brilliant!
then skinny dipping in the sea afterwards at 1.00AM…brilliant !.
Trying to find the cave at Aspri Petra

Aspri bastard Petra.. what fucking cave?

 ( well known famous place in Kefalos  ) and failing miserably, diving and taking shit loads of photos & video, going to the church for an evening out greek style, brilliant….

The old growler passing her Open Water course,
Open Water Diver &  her Jedi Divemaster
so that now she can do proper dives with me, instead of the wanky shit ones she has had to do…..
Peacocks at Plaka, this oasis of peace in the shadow of the airport, has to be seen to be believed, so peaceful, and cool, with tame peacocks (and hens, and chicks as well! ) walking around, waiting to be hand fed by generous humans,
Plaka.. I could die here, beautiful
Going to a barbecue on the dive boat, drinking shitloads of wine, then going to a place called Shennanigans with all the crew ( young ones ), and dancing on the bar (  I’m nearly 50 for fucks sake..)
Timmi, Dane & Dave bar dancing..
The old growler had fallen off by this stage!
then the old growler falling off the bar….out of everybody in the bar it had to be her…. luckily she was alright, pissed you see, she just bounced…
Swimming round the Island at Kamari bay with the old growler in tow, saw some great stuff, ……
The Island of Agios Nikolas.. we swam round that!
All in all we had a great time thanks, and I can’t wait until we go again… in September…
Fuck knows how we are going to pay for this, but I suspect that Mr. Barclay will be helping us spread the cost just a  bit….
We also had a look at some of the properties out there,as we would like one day to quit these hallowed, oppressed, fragmented and terrorist ridden shores, and live a quiet life, but have come to the conclusion, that we need to
a ) spend a winter out there first , to guage what it is really like
b ) Check out with our mates to makes sure that we aren’t being ripped off ( it happens everywhere! )
c ) Check out the employment situation, as I’m far to young retire, and more importantly.. far too skint! We will need some kind of income to live, but jobs are few & far between, unless bar work or waitering is your forte, and then the money is shit…
much to think about..  
I will post some photos very soon, and if I can work out how to do it, some video as well, of the Thor Star wreck, and a Moray Eel that we saw.
Fooking hell!! that looks really nasty!
Thanks to everyone that left a message, much appreciated ta, and also nice to know that I have been missed   cheers everybody!!!
I haven’t even had time to go visiting yet, so a final message to everybody…. the Doctor will be making house calls in the very near future…. lucky you!!!
Coming to a space by you VERY soon…
Ye Olde Seadog!
Woof woof!!
Kali Nicta ( that’s good night in greek )
Tha sedo avrio ( see you tomorrow )
Laters dudes!!



where the fuck has it gone?
Not here thats for sure, so I’m off on my hols tomorrow, to the loverly sunny beautiful islands of Kos, ( exploding jeeps, and crazed terrorists permitting ), where the temperature is ….37degrees .. CENTRIGRADE…
That’s hot!
I will have to take plenty of suntan lotion, and keep in the shade a bit, as my fur gets burnt quite easily, having a northern european complexion.
Actually, we are planning to do about 4 days diving, do that will keep us out of the sun a lot, and suprisingly enough, in the water a lot too!
I’m sorry if I have been neglecting everyone, but I have just been so busy, this is almost the first chance I have had to get on here for a week, so please don’t feel neglected, I will try to pop in as soon as possble, as there are lots of interesting sites that I need to catch up on, Carole, Lord, Balletcatblue, Tinks, Foxy, Kate, but to name a few.
An even bigger apology to my friend in Canada, ~ lea~, who must think I have forgotten about her, as its so long since I talked to her,  its not rudeness or boredom, honest lea (not a pun ) ,its time.
Life has been hectic for the last 6 months, I dont know where its gone.
One minute I am breaking every diet rule I’ve got, the next I’m packing my diving gear getting ready to go ( actually I haven’t even packed yet, and we are going tomorrow..see I told you! ).
The place is in a tip, fear everywhere, and Mrs.Dog is getting really stressed out.
never mind , it will be  very soon, so chill out sister….
Oh and talking about the old growler, regular visitors will be aware, that she has spent the last 3 years studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Personell Development. ( some kind of H.R. stuff ), and she had finally got her results on Wednesday…and….
 Well done her..after all that time studying until ridiculously shit times at night, all that hard work & effort, well its paid off, so we cracked open a bottle of Mums ( champers…. not my mums ) on Wednesday,and celebrated with a slap up meal.. of enchilladas, home cooked by the aforementioned and by now extremely clever growler.
There is a down side to this new qualification.. It meant that she is officially cleverer than me now, and I’m a thicky!
Oh well, I’ve had it good for a long time.
Now all she has got to do, is pass her Open Water Diving exam… Good Luck!
Time to go now, see you all in 2 weeks, when the continuing saga of the growlers watery exploits will be revealed……
Holiday….Celebrate….. ( I wish I knew the rest of the words ) , you get the drift
See you soon!