Daily Archives: July 6, 2007


where the fuck has it gone?
Not here thats for sure, so I’m off on my hols tomorrow, to the loverly sunny beautiful islands of Kos, ( exploding jeeps, and crazed terrorists permitting ), where the temperature is ….37degrees .. CENTRIGRADE…
That’s hot!
I will have to take plenty of suntan lotion, and keep in the shade a bit, as my fur gets burnt quite easily, having a northern european complexion.
Actually, we are planning to do about 4 days diving, do that will keep us out of the sun a lot, and suprisingly enough, in the water a lot too!
I’m sorry if I have been neglecting everyone, but I have just been so busy, this is almost the first chance I have had to get on here for a week, so please don’t feel neglected, I will try to pop in as soon as possble, as there are lots of interesting sites that I need to catch up on, Carole, Lord, Balletcatblue, Tinks, Foxy, Kate, but to name a few.
An even bigger apology to my friend in Canada, ~ lea~, who must think I have forgotten about her, as its so long since I talked to her,  its not rudeness or boredom, honest lea (not a pun ) ,its time.
Life has been hectic for the last 6 months, I dont know where its gone.
One minute I am breaking every diet rule I’ve got, the next I’m packing my diving gear getting ready to go ( actually I haven’t even packed yet, and we are going tomorrow..see I told you! ).
The place is in a tip, fear everywhere, and Mrs.Dog is getting really stressed out.
never mind , it will be  very soon, so chill out sister….
Oh and talking about the old growler, regular visitors will be aware, that she has spent the last 3 years studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Personell Development. ( some kind of H.R. stuff ), and she had finally got her results on Wednesday…and….
 Well done her..after all that time studying until ridiculously shit times at night, all that hard work & effort, well its paid off, so we cracked open a bottle of Mums ( champers…. not my mums ) on Wednesday,and celebrated with a slap up meal.. of enchilladas, home cooked by the aforementioned and by now extremely clever growler.
There is a down side to this new qualification.. It meant that she is officially cleverer than me now, and I’m a thicky!
Oh well, I’ve had it good for a long time.
Now all she has got to do, is pass her Open Water Diving exam… Good Luck!
Time to go now, see you all in 2 weeks, when the continuing saga of the growlers watery exploits will be revealed……
Holiday….Celebrate….. ( I wish I knew the rest of the words ) , you get the drift
See you soon!