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On a lighter note!

 On a lighter note,
The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray ( about bleeding time too!! ) , and the old dog is going out to play.
Well not play actually, but work like a bastard putting cupboards up in the garage where I keep my bike.
We are having a new kitchen put in,..(there was nothing wrong with the old one, but it was 15 years old, and the old growler had set her heart on a new one ),.. & I just can’t reconcile throwing away all the units ( refer to previous bit about nothing wrong with them ), so I have decided to utilise some of the aforementioned kitchen furniture, as storage.
I’ve not done anything like this before, so the results could be quite interesting!!
Further updates will be available, ..unless I give myself a heart attack,.. as and when the dirty deed gets completed.
Cupboard update.
It’s now 12.15 ( I haven’t been doing the cupboardy stuff all this time ! ), and I finally finished about 9.30.. fuck me.. 7.5 hours to put up 3 cupboards!! , don’t give up my day job that’s what I say!!!
However there are 3 of the fuckers up, and mighty fine they look too. Even the old growler is impressed, and I got rewarded with chops for dinner & we shared a bottle of wine..mmmm…
I could get used to this!
The real pisser is that on the finest day of the year so far, , ye Olde Dog, was indoors, and consequently  missed all the sun.. bollocks!

Greek Dancing!
Also as promised, here is the greek dancing video, taken in the Rainbow Restaurant, starring Mike ( the waiter, and top hole geeza, )& 2 game brummie lady holiday makers, who enjoyed themselves no end!

Sleep tight folks! 

Food for Thought

 Today is a bit of a milestone for me, well yesterday was actually, as (if I have worked it out correctly ) as of then I am officially older than my dad was when he died, 48 years 7 months 14 days.
It’s a really strange & wierd feeling, older than my dad, and it feels really strange saying it.
Its made me think about things a bit over this weekend, and also made me realise that on July 12th ( the anniversary of his death in 1981 ), I didn’t even realise the significance of the date.
Admittedly we were on our hols then, but we usually are, ( creatures of habit ), and I don’t normally forget the day. 
Dont get me wrong, its not a sackcloth & ashes day, just a small part of it, set aside for a period of reflection & rememberance,of someone who meant a lot to me.
Ironically, I only remembered yesterday, & I feel a bit guilty, almost like I’ve let him down in some way.
I know I haven’t, but it just feels a bit like that at the moment, and has preyed on my mind, putting me into a bit of a sombre mood.
Also, what does not remembering say about me? that I am a forgetfull old twat? possibly…. in fact thats more like definitely ….
No, I think it means that whilst I will never forget him, I can at least move on, and look to the future, not the past.
Rest in peace dad.
Happier times… my dad

Welcome to My World !

 Hello chaps!
As promised, here are some videos of me diving the Thor Star wreck.
We are about 18m down ( approx 60 feet for the more imperical amongst us ), with the visibilty quite good.
The water was about 20c at the bottom which is quite warm for the time of year, don’t you know.
This was done using windows movie maker, which is a dogs bollox program, and a piece of piss to use, so have a go!
I look forward to seeing the results.
Moray Eel.
This fellow was spotted only about 10m down ( 32 feet ish ), and was quite ok with me filming him /her despite the angry looking expression on its chops, and the ever incresing expression of concern on my chops of a possible bite off the nasty looking fucker!
However common sense prevailed and I escaped a mauling from the wriggly critter.
I’ve uploaded some photos as well of the Thor Star and diving. and our night out in Kos Town ( including bar dancing  ).
Have a good night all, catch up with you soon