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Peacocks at Plaka

 I’m going to give this one more go, then its off to Thor’s house for a rather large hammer, and an appointment with some plastic, metal, and lcd parts with the word DELL inscribed upon it!
Peacocks at Plaka
Plaka is a small forest just north of Kefalos, on the island of Kos,which is populated by peacocks ( and some cats that have escaped from their furry bondage), and is so peaceful and quiet.
It is also refreshingly cool in the hot summer months, the pine trees providing a plethora of shade, both for the resident peacocks and cats, but also for any itinerant tourists that have stumbled upon this oasis of piney paradise.
Turn the music off first, then turn the sound up, and enjoy the sounds of nature.
This place is beautiful, and the video doesn’t really do it justice.
The sights and sounds of Plaka… beautiful
ps. It would appear after all that youtube is a heap of shite & will not load this fucking video…
which is a shame as it is really quite nice.
I will check back to this piece later to see it there is any change, be patient children, the hammer is just about to strike!
    Hammer Time!!
Hammer update!
Sunday 14th 23.25.
Luckily for both me & the box marked Dell, the video now appears to be here, so at the risk of repeating myself….

Camembert or Brie….

  Hello Chaps!

Well its 3 weeks now since we returned from our second summer sojourn, and as the title sort of give away, I’m not quite so cheesed off as I was, but thanks to all who have told me to "snap out of it!!"

As promised here are some youtube vids of Hobo Jones at Shenanigans in Kos Town.

Regular readers might recall the story about irish ladies,drinking and fighting,well the big titted brassy blonde with the glittery top who staggers up to the table in front of the camera, in the first video is in fact one of the feminine protagonists.

Hard to believe I know, but this woman has a mouth like a potty,nails like a banshee, and a clout like Mike Tyson!

Anyway, I digress,

Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Hobo Jones & the Junkyard Dogs.

First up is Gordon is a Moron,complete with the irish blonde battler,  followed by their rendition of Green Days’ American Idiot. 



Hobo Jones – Gordon Is a Moron



American Idiot


Youtube problems

After all that cocking effort,and arseing about, it would appear that Youtube is on a go slow ( rather like the posties in Scouseland), and won’t load the videos up.

Now it clucking well will.. oh bollocks to it the rest can wait for another day,

see ya folks!