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Normal Service resumed ( part 2 )

Clucking Bell!
They like to make you sweat don’t they…
Well done Israel, a 2-1 win over Guus "Big mouth, my dad saved a lot of jewish people during the war, so do me a favour chaps " Hiddinks Russian boys

Up yours too Guus!
A thoroughly jammy win I must say.
If the Russians had played like they did in the 2nd half, all game it would have been all over, and our footballing " heroes " consigned to the dustbin, along with Steve McClaren.
Now at least we have a chance….come on England , its in your hands now!!!!

England Expects!






Normal Service Resumed

 Well chaps, what a weekend!
We went to a 40th birthday party last night in coventry, which was brilliant I must say, where I broke my no drinking rule & quaffed a few lagers ( oh my head this morning ), then apart from the obvious Armistice day celebrations, we went to the dark side, courtesy of my boss who has a box at Birmingham City for the Blues – Villa match.
This has been a tense affair in previous games, with the first one for a long time a few years back,(2002-2003) being more of a blood bath than a football game.
An atmosphere of hate and animosity, plus the confidence that the Villa were going to stick it right up the bastards!!
Except we didn’t…
Peter Enklemans ridiculous own goal from a throw in, out played, out fought, and completely embarrased for 90 minutes… then the next day, all the stick that I had been giving out before hand came home to roost.
There’s an old saying, what goes around comes around, & boy it came around for me fucking quickly….
Same again when they played us at Villa park that season, blood,guts, 2 sendings off ( for the Villa ), and another loss…. wankers.
The next season (2003 -2004 )was different,2 draws, 0-0 there , & 2-2 at Villa, though it felt like a win for them as they were 2-0 down, and scored the equalizer in the 93rd minute.. bastards!
The season after (2004 -2005 ) it was back to winning ways again for them as we got beaten twice… when was this ever going to change….
Aha, the very next season( 2005-2006 ).. we beat them twice AND they got relegated….
Cheerio cheerio cheerio..
Oh happy days…..
After a brief sojourn in the lower division, this year they were back, blowing off big time about how shit the villa are, etc….
Well my sons what was the score today…

      1 – 2          



There are some things that words can’t really describe, but I am so happy at the moment I could come in my pants!


Birmingham are you listening….
To the song that we’re singing
We’re walking along, singing a song,
Shitting on the city as we go!!!
Gabby Agbonlahor celebrates his goal
Gabby, gabby gabby gabby gabby Agbonglahor,
He’s fast as fuck… he’s fast as fuck!!!
Oh dear!!

There was a bit of controversy before the game, as the thieving bastards were trying to charge £55 for the game, but due to complaints, Mr. Gold magnamaniously dropped the prices to £45 …
Big fucking deal…..
Anyway, one of our directors , General ( US marines retired,  yes really… ) Krulak,
General Krulak
was quoted as saying that David Gold ( director of the Shit ) 
David Gold
was like a pig rolling in mud….

Oh dear, he shouldn’t really have said that, it was said a bit tongue in cheek, but the holier than thou Golds, have jumped on this, saying how disappointed they are, how they’ve nurtured good relations with Villa over the years ( bullshit, they hate us & we hate them! ), & the General is completely out of order…..
Well rumour had it that all the villa fans were going to wear pig masks as a mark of serious piss taking, but to be fair they didn’t, though one wag did bring in an inflatable sheep, complete with bright red lips, that did the rounds after we scored our second goal..

note white shape with 4 legs in centre of pic!

Sheep being escorted from the ground

Note smug expression, must be a Villa Sheep!

However joking apart now, there seems to have been a bit of  trouble outside the ground at the end, caused not by the villa fans ( who were locked in at the time ) , but those most honest & innocent of hooligans, the fair supporters of Birmingham City, who were trying to get at the Vila fans, and were chucking coins etc at them…..
No doubt we will have the sanctimonious directors of the aforementioned team of tryers claiming that it wasn’t their fans fault, no no , it was the Villa’s because they were at the ground provoking their saintly bluenosed band of thugs……
Why can’t they just admit that some of  their fans ARE hooligans….. every club has got some, its just they’ve got more than most……
Anyway, I’m off to celebrate a bit more now, so its off to the offie, for some pop, (coloquial term for lager ) or maybe go a bit a bit more upmarket & negotiate the vending of a bottle of wine, have some dinner,( the old growler is cooking some beef, roast of course- mmmm bisto ! ) then I will have to do some exercising to get rid of the excesses of the weekend
Ah bollocks, I’ll do that tomorrow….
See you soon!!

Random thoughts and courting controversy

 Wotcha peeps….


Rumours of my demise have been falsely reported, as contrary to popular belief, I AM still alive, and well thanks for asking.

Well, what has been happening at Dog Towers….nothing much really, I’m afraid, which is one of the reasons that I haven’t posted anything on here for so long .. ( actually, I can’t believe it has been SO long  ), though we have been to the footy a bit, watching the Villa get taken apart by Manu ( as always ), & Villa taking their time to stick it up Derby yesterday…


Oh yeah, that reminds me, as a season ticket holder at the aforementioned footy club, I sit in the home end,ostensibly surrounded by home fans… yeah right.. not yesterday.

Sitting right behind us were 3 Derby fans ( who looked like perhaps their brothers & sisters might possibly be their mums & dads ), who never fucking shut up for all the first half, and kept going on until we scored our second,at which AT LONG LAST, they shut the fuck up….which was just as well, because they were 2 seconds of being told to FUCK OFF OUT OF IT you TWATS!

The " friend " who brought them in really should have known better, as all over the stand in large letter is the legend HOME FANS ONLY… I think they were " corporate " tickets as their " mate " was licking their Derby arses for all it was worth.






If this happens again, STRONG WORDS will be had with this berk, & the point put to him that perhaps he shouldn’t bring away fans in with him…& if that doesn’t work, it will be time for a word with the Chairman, Sir Randy Of Lerner……


Next week  it is the big Birmingham derby ( no pun ) , between Villa & the Blues ( Birmingham City  , not Chelsea ), a game of monumental importance to fans of both teams as they think we are shit,& we know they are!







Shitting on the city as we go!



Much bragging rights , and cock a doddle do’s for the winners, much staring into cups of tea, muttering fuck off for  the losers!

Hopefully normal service will be resumed & the claret & blue glory boys will in fact be the heroes of the hour, and return victorious……if they dont there might well be a blog with just one word in it…..


We also went to the dive show where I bought a Seadog Towel


Fame at last!


( it had to be done  ) and a diving knife,


Thats what you call a Blade…..

Important Diving Tool.. or dangerous weapon?


 though I’m not quite sure what the law is regarding potentially dangerous weapons in your hold luggage is… no doubt I will find that out next year .


Next week we are going to a 40th party for one of the girls that the old growler works with, so my no drinking rule might be taking a bit of a bashing, so next sunday could be quite a day, what with the footy & everything…..


We have also finally started to make use of our subscription to Sky Movies, by watching… yes youv’e got  it .. some films.

recently we have seen

The Departed ….



– great gangster film, with a real twist


Gangster No.1 …..



– fucking hell! the man says cunt within the first 30 seconds… talk about violent!





– Sandra Bullock, mmmm…….. examines " racism " as the film follows the lives of a group of people whose only connection is a car crash… very powerful film, that makes you examine the way YOU think..


Lucky number Slevin….


– Another great gangster film also with a real twist.




– Dont fuck with the Israelis, because if you do they wil fuck you back big style!

This film follows the events after the 1972 killings of the Israeli athletes at the Olympic village in Munich, as Mossad got everyone involved, from the top downwards….This is supposed to be true, and if it is… fucking hell!



Most of these films do seems to have a bit of a theme, which involves a lot of gore, much shooting, criminal behaviour, and  quite a few fucks, in Gangester no1 especially !


Now for some more serious Stuff, which not everyone is giong to agree here goes……



Jean Charles De Menezes





Take your mind back a couple of years, 7th  July 2005.


London 8.50 am 4 bombs went off in various parts of london causing devastation all over the capital, and killing 52 innocent commuters ( and the 4 suicide bombers )and injuring 700 others.


Two weeks later, oh my god, here we go again, another 4 bombs go off, but the main explosives in them don’t ( thank god! ), but for a short time, the country thought it was at war.


The 4 bombers escaped unhurt, and a major manhunt began.

The next morning police have evidence that one of the bombers Hussain Osman is skulking in a flat in Scotia Road, Tulse Hill.

A major security operation is ordered, and everyone knows what happened next.


Jean Charles de Menzes is "identified " as Hussain Osman, followed out of the flat, onto a bus, then onto the tube where he was " neutralized ".



Osman   Jean Charles

can you spot the difference.. the police couldn’t.

He was shot 5 times in the head, once in the neck, and also in the shoulder, with a special kind of man stopping bullet called a hollow point or dum dum.

These bullets are designed to open up upon entry, causing a major amount of trauma, ….in small,out large.



One of these is enough to mash your body, one in the head is going to kill you,but police shot him 7 times…….


In another country this would have been called an execution.



At the time I though.. brilliant, they got one of the fuckers, but even as the police were releasing " facts " , witnesses were contradicting their statements.


It was a warm day & he was wearing a bulky coat… no he wasn’t, he was wearing a shirt & denim jacket.


He ran into the train station & vaulted the turn stile… no he didn’t , he got onto the bus, got off to catch the train, but realised that the station was shut, so got back on the bus ( suspicious actions, construed as anti surveillance tactics ) to go to the next station, then got off, walked to the ticket barrier, picking up a paper on the way, used his oyster card ( a prepay travel ticket ), then went to the platform, where a train was pulling in,so he did as everyone who has caught the tube does, he ran to get onto the train.

Once on he was grabbed by " ivor " who pinned him to his seat, holding him down & pinning his arms to his side so that he couldn’t move.

Naturally, Mr. De Menezes struggled quite a bit, and was " agressive and acting in an unnatural manner "…

Fucking hell, he was probably in fear for his life – quite rightly as it turned out -, of course he’s going to struggle!!


Then he was shot…. dead….


and the lies started.


Right from the start, smears & backcovering falsehoods were being perpetrated by the Met.


If the police had told the truth from the start, put their hands up and admitted their mistake(s), explained the whys & wherefores, we would possibly have perhaps understood.

It wouldn’t have made any difference to Jean Charles, for him it was too late, but for his family, his friends, people who knew him, it might have helped them to try to make some sense of this terrible thing.


We were at war in those dark days,on another day, that could have been Osman, he could have been trying to blow up the train in a mad dash for suicidal heroism, and right now, we would be recommending the met & those policemen for medals.

But it wasn’t Osman.

It was Mr. de Menezes, and all this could have been stopped right at the start, when he left his flat, but the only man who could id him as NOT being Osman, was off having a piss….

For fucks sake! Only one man knows the difference….


He could have been stopped before he got on the bus, but he wasn’t….

He could have been stopped before he got on the train, but he wasn’t…


I’ve thought about this a lot recently, I don’t know why, I didn’t know Jean Charles de Menezes, I’ve never met his family,


but I feel ashamed ( I think its the right word ),that this could happen here, that this HAS happened here, and then "we " have done our absolute best to smear the man, and wriggle out of any blame.

Questions have been asked, and answered, but a prosecution under Health & Safety rules, smacks of bullshit, and a copout.

Why is it in this day & age, nobody will accept responsibility, well certainly not in this country, Government, Police, The Army, no one……


Sir Ian Blair, Chief of Police and THE top man… no no, not me sir…..



Cressida Dick another big wig copper,& in charge of the operation…no no no, not me either Sir.



THe Marksmen who pulled the trigger… It was orders Guv,I was only obeying orders…….. Didn’t people get hanged for "obeying orders"

No accountability.

The police do their job with our trust, and because we let them.

If we don’t trust them, where do we go from here……


Remember, one day it could be you… or your brother.




Jean Charles De Menezes

7.1.1978- 22.7.2005

27 years old