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Merry Christmas!

 To everyone I know in Blogland,
                                       it’s all his fault,
                                       little fat bastard!
and a very
to everybody!
I’m off to eat, drink, and be a merry ( literally ) olde Seadog
See you on the flipside folks!
ps. dont forget Dr. Who with Kylie on xmas day, BBC1 at 18.50… I cant wait!
The Real meaning of Christmas
Also lets not forget what this day is all about, the birth of a little baby boy, that went on to become one of the most important persons ( regardless of whether you believe or not ) in history.
Whatever your belief, enjoy this christmas!!


Flu Schmu & birthday blues!

Hello chaps,
sorry about the long time away, but your poor old mate Seadog has been ill as billyo , with an attack of gastric flu, , ( the proper one, NOT man flu ), and I have spent the last week catching up wih my life, so here goes!
   Birthday !!!   
49 today!!
how did that happen???
well so far its been a very quiet one, in fact that quiet, that I haven’t even had a present yet!!
Actually there is a very good reason for this.. I haven’t got any friends!
That’s a joke by the way, the reason is that because I have to leave the house really early, ( and so does the old growler ), I  only had time to open my card from the aforementioned growler.
Also ( one of the major pitfalls of having a birthday so close to xmas ) , as mentioned in a previous blog, I am getting a rather tasty pair  of motorcycle boots as a joint present for birthday & xmas from her,

serious birthday / xmas present!

which in the interest of me not being completely pissed off on xmas day, when everyone else is opening stacks of pressies, and I’m not, I have opted to receive said booties on xmas day.
Which leaves me present free at the moment…
Tonight I am being taken for a feast at a chinese restaurant that we haven’t been to for yonks, and hopefully then some kind of present will arrive!
Last night we had our works xmas do, at a curry house near to where I work, which involved curry ( obviously ), and plenty of Kingfisher lager

tasty drink, rather like cobra lager,
goes very well with curry!

Arse burning concoction that goes very well
with lager, strangely enough!
a rather tasty mixed kebab to start, followed by a Tandori chicken Madras ( no arse burning for me this morning ), coupled with a few glasses of wine.
Pudding was right out as I was completely stuffed!
This has left me with a slight hangover unfortunately, so I have been quaffing plenty of water in an effort to detox my poor old system, which just isn’t used to alcohol any more.
The upside of this is that it is very cheap to get pissed these days!
Christmas is coming up sooooo fast, but at least I have now managed to get most of the presents sorted out, so the feeling of overwhelming panic has died down a bit, all I’ve got to do now is wrap the blighters.. oh yeah .. & pay for them!
Seriously, this year I have tried to pay for stuff as I have bought it, instead of wodgeing out my credit cards to try & kee pmy debt down,as…….
hopefully in January me & the growler will be going to Sharm El Sheik  for a spot of " proper " scuba diving in the red sea,

  a nice swim
and hopefully we wont get to see any of these…….

  Oh fuck!!!!
all i need to do now is
a. find some cash
b. find a place to stay
c. book it danno!
The hardest part of all this will be the paying for it, but it is too good an opportunity to miss.
A very good friend of ours, the top man that taught the old growler to dive & who is a Master Instructor ( one off the top, told you he was a top man! ) is based at a dive school there , so we would get a pretty good looking after….. it has just got to be done!
anyone know how to say 2 beers please in Egyptian??
Exciting New Product
Every now and then, I get sent information about new products.
This arrived in my inbox, & I just had to share it.
Winders xxxx
At long last winders has gone regional, this is the Black Country Version ( for those that haven’t got the faintest idea where the black country is, it is just to the west of  the UK’s second city Birmingham ) , and they all speak a different language there, called yam yam.
Lots of people actually confuse this version of English as a Birmingham accent.
It isn’t.


Well done if you have got this far!
You might need to zoom in a bit on some of the frames to be able to read the text, sorry, it was the best I could do honest guv!
This is actually a joke, if you live in West Bromwich, Wolverhampton, or the adjacent areas, please DO NOT go to your local branch of PC World and attempt to purchase this item.
They WILL tell you to fuck off!!  
See you all soon folks!!

That was the week that was ( part 2 )

 Well chaps,
This time I have managed to post this instead of saving it…, so to carry on,
Saturday 24th saw us at the bike show at the NEC..brilliant if you are interested in motorcycles or indeed have got one one.. bike that is…
We spent all day walking round, the old growler got me my xmas present , a pair of Alpinestars smx plus racing boots, very expensive & a fuck off pair of boots.

My paws will fit in here great, very comfortable!


plus a Haynes workshop manual for my bike.
Its a bit sad I know, & I know what I’m going to be getting, hopefully there will be a little suprise as well
Its my birthday on 20th, which the more observant of you will realise is only 5 days before xmas.. what a bummer….all my birthday presents come wrapped in xmas paper, &  I have to wait for ages after christmas for me birthday, then 5 days later its christmas again!
Could be worse though, my grans birthday was 24th December.. WOW!
We also met Jamie Whitham,

 ex racer, commentater, part time musician & all round top bloke, who used to have Hodgkins Lymphoma,  which he managed to beat, a true fighter, and a great rider.

We also met John Reynolds another ex racer, and also top geezer, who is working for suzuki now.

I had my Aria helmet serviced. courtesy of the Arai Race service team,

( for free ) brilliant service.. fuck off expensive to start, but you cant beat the customer service after you have lashed out all those spondos.
We had a look at a load of bikes,


some good, some shite,
some new,



some old,

A very old Rudge

Mike Hailwoods Honda

Mick Grants Kawasaki

loads of accessories and bits for bikes,and also some very very tasty looking chicks,

Birds & bikes. just seems right somehow
but the day went too quickly and we were absolutely fucked,and then we got back home to find out that ……

the Villa had beaten Middlesborough 3-0.. at Boro!
I didn’t expect that.. 2 away wins on the trot..Blackburn at Blackburn next, on Wednesday.. no way are we going to win that one…
WE DID!!!!
4-0 to the Villa!
What the cock is going on?
6th in the table, 6 points off the top…. fetch me a hanky, my nose has started bleeding!
However, a reality check ( football wise ) was just around the corner, in the form of ….

the Arse..
sorry wrong pic..

 The Arsenal
who ARE top of the league ( and sorry Dave the fireman ) are probably going to WIN the league,  so expectations of a 5th straight win were ( correctly as it happens ) consigned to the bin.
And it came to pass , that was exactly what happened, but not quite according to script with Villa taking an early lead, then taking a battering and  ending up 2 -1 down at the end of the first half.
Sir Martin must have given them the speech of all speeches, because we came out 2nd half and gave them what for….
It ended up with Arsenal hanging on at the end… what a brilliant game, even though we had lost, the team were applauded off the field, cheered and feted as heroes…. DID we win???
No , we didn’t , but the effort the team put in, the way we played & matched Arsenal was brilliant….

Proud History, Bright Future
seems to say it all at the moment really.
7th now, but only just, Portsmouth nicking 6th on goal difference..and who have we got next….yup the aforementioned Pompey at Villa Park….
Exciting times ahead methinks
One last thing… When someone gets put in prison for letting a child name a teddy bear,


an innocent bear earlier today
 and certain sections of the indigenous population are calling for her execution…..
what the fuck is this world coming to??
Free Gillian Gibbons now!

This woman is apparently a dangerous criminal
who deserves to be executed for henious crimes
too sensitive to mention!
Have a good week peeps, well done if you got this far, I might not do this often, but when I do…….
See you soon!
I Can’t believe it!
Fucking FA cup draw…
Man U again
every fucking season, how many more times…..that means no Wembley for us AGAIN this season…at least we’re at home, so if won’t be too far to travel home afterwards



That was the week that was

 With apologies to Sir David Frost….
Well chaps, lets see, what’s being going on this last week…. oh yes, I believe that Englands finest did their best to let the whole country down again, by being played off the park by Croatia.
3 fucking 2 to  them, at home, AT WEMBLEY, an £800 million swamp..what a joke…
The only good thing to come out of this is the demise of the once " golden boy " Steve McClaren…

The original wally with a brolly
Now the search is on for a new England manager, with the leading premier league " coaches " falling over themselves to say " Not me Guv "… who will it be.. time will tell, but the FA have got to get it right this time… or else!
England.. as the song goes.. you’re an embarrassment!!
Graduation days
The old growler finally graduated from Coventry University on Friday ( 23rd Nov ) …blimey that 3 years went quickly…as is now officially much cleverer than me!
A brilliant day for her, and something she has always wanted to do, from the first day I met her.
That cheesy grin never left her face all day.. brilliant!  
The weather was dry and sunny, no rain at all, just a little cold, but perfect for the task in hand.
I would like to say here that I am VERY VERY proud of her, she has worked incredibly hard for this qualification, tying it in with her normal ( hard ) working day, and looking after me!
This qualification is a post graduate honour ( which means you are supposed to have done a degree first ), but seeing as she left school with only one O level ( don’t know what the equivalent is now ), and hasn’t done the degree, it makes it even more of an achievement.
Special mention must be made here to my friend Nurse Carole who also graduated, but on wednesday, and is now a fully qualified life saving nurse.

 Nurse Carole – life saver!
Well done to both of them!
 Apologies to all if you have got this far……..
As you will have read re. England, this is old hat news..mainly because your poor old mate Seadog appears to have the onset of senile dementia, and saved this entry as a draft instead of publishing it!
More up tp date stuff will appear very soon, and some pics as well…what a berk!