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Catch me if you can!

Now that would make a great title for a film….Oh it already is.. never mind
Seadog update time….
Regular visitors ( if there are any left by now  ) will know about the dose of flu that keeps on returning…well it returned with a vengance, but as per my comment about getting on with life, we still went down to that London to stay with my brother, and to go to the dive show….unfortunately for me, my flu was so severe that I could hardly function, and our planned trip to Windsor Castle had to be cancelled because your poor old Seadog was too crook to go walking around in the rain ( sorry Carole  ), I could hardly breathe, I had lost my sense of taste ( food wise that is ), and was blowing immense amounts of an evil thick green substance from my hooter, and coughing it up as well.
Really upon reflection, we shouldn’t have gone, but the tickets for the dive show had been purchased, and £15 is £15, and there was NO WAY I was going to waste it, so there.
Also I had managed to get an eye infection,

look into my eyes… all the gunge in them
Plus I look like a vampire!!
and because of the gunge coming out of my eyes, I was having to wear specs ( I normally wear contact lenses ), which were a little bit old,(8 years approx )  and VERY out of fashion, much to my brothers amusement, and I was instantly rechristened …..
I didn’t know who this was, so he very kindly googled it for me…
hardy fucking har
he was the sidekick for a childrens cartoon programme called Dangermouse and looks like this…
just as well I’ve got a sense of humour..
So on saturday , we watched Portsmouth stick it up Manu in the FA cup ( sorry Dave ), and as we didnt want to waste the entire day, it was decided that we would go out ( even though I was dying on my feet ) , but that we would go to the Science museum, indoors, not far from the tube station, and more importantly because of the late hour of our departure ..FREE!

Lunar Module

Niel Armstrongs suit

Stephensons Rocket

What a brilliant place, its years since I have been there ( 35 about ),and I had forgotten how good it was.
Also they have an Imax cinema there, with a seriously fuck off giant screen, and were showing a film about underwater dinosaurs
IN 3D!
Now I’ve never seen one of these film before,( the goggles put me off ) , but as I was already looking a complete dick with my " penfold " specs on, another pair didn’t really seem to matter, so in we went.
Absolutely fantastic… once your eyes get used to the focus ( it plays 2 images at the same time, that are polarised slightly differently, which the lenses in the goggles sort out ), the picture literally comes to life, the fish swim right up to you & past you, the leaves on the trees brush your face as the camera passes them, and when they blew up a quarry looking for fossils, we the by now completely enraptured audience nearly shit ourselves as the completely realistic 3d rocks flew past our heads… very clever and well worth it.
By now it was getting late, so we had to prematurely curtail our voyage of scientific discovery for the healthy members of the party to get some nosh, so off we went to china town for a meal…..
which looked very nice, and apparently tasted very nice, but not for me, as my taste buds had gone away, as incidentally had my voice ( lucky for some ) , and I was having difficulty communicating with everyone, so after the meal we decided to go to a pub, to lubricate my by now deceased vocal chords.

Piccadilly at night..very tourist!

As a side note here, how the fuck do people in London ever manage to get pissed….. 2 pints of lager, a bacardi & lemonade & a glass of white wine, nearly £15…CLUCKING BELL!
Anaway on the way back home, we walked through Waterloo station to get the train back, and there was this busker playing a hurdy gurdy.

A Hurdy Gurdy earlier today

This is a brilliant piece of kit, which has medieval roots, and is a cross between a violin & a guitar, but is played with a handle, which acts as a bow to play the strings.
There is a system of  keys, which  when pressed alters the length of the string ( like a guitar ), to produce the notes.
I was entranced by this, ( and 4 pints of lager ) and stood there videoing this, which I will upload to youtube & post on here for you to listen to.
As we rounded the corner at the station, my mind still buzzing with thoughts of the hurdy gurdy, who / what should be standing there…..
Fucking Dangermouse…..
well a bloke dressed in a fancy dress costume….
Fuck me, the old growler nearly passed out with laughter, my brother & his girlfriend had to almost be given first aid for the choking fit caused by this " hilarious " apparition,but to be fair I did see the funny / ironic side of this, and joined in the merriment.. ho ho ho……
I mean, I had never even heard of dangermouse & penfold before that morning, then low & behold, I’m meeting the fucker 12 hours later…
what are the chances of that…. spooky!
The dive show was very good, but because of the way I felt, I couldn’t really be bothered to do any serious shopping stuff (fins, mask, knife, a rdp wheel, etc ) though I did have a really good look at an Inon wide angle  lens for my underwater housing,and came away with a hood for my wetsuit ( which I need) and a laptop computer bag ( which I dont need, as I haven’t got a laptop – major flaw in that plan  ) but it was cheap,and who knows, I might get a laptop sometime
We also met up with Steve, the guru that taught the old growler to dive, the guy that talked us into going to Sharm, and who is going to be in Kos again this summer hopefully ( brilliant ).
Sadly, when we got back home, my poor old mum had contracted my ( as she calls it ) flu, and has been very very ill with it, poor old badger, for the last three weeks, and I have had to spend quite a bit of time round there administering tlc and company.
She is 78 this year, and this is the worst I have seen her, and to be honest we were all quite worried about her, as she suffered really badly.
Happily now though she seems to be through the worst of it, and is currently taking antibiotics for her chest ( she got a chest infection as well ), and the doctor has discovered that she has an aortic heart murmer, ( which is worrying ), but doesn’t seem to be too serious at the moment.
My flu is in the remission stage at the moment ( thanks for asking ) but still not completely least I can carry on nearly as normal now..phew… brilliant, at long last I can get some pool time in, and  I cant wait!
What else has been going on?…..
We have watched the glorious claret & blue glory boys ( Aston Villa FC ), do their best to not get into Europe, nearly beating the Arsenal at the Emirates, but conceeding a last second goal, and drawing the game, then drawing against Middlesborough, which to be honest THEY should have won, losing to Portsmouth & Sunderland, & culminating in a lesson in football taught to us by the above mentioned Manchester United, who played us off the park from start to finish.
I think that after April 20th when we play the scum ( Birmingham City- and incidentally also Adolf Hilters birthday, though I dont think the two are connected  ), our season is well and truly finished,
Oh yes.. we also went to the Outdoor & Leisure show at the NEC…just in case you think I have grown a beard, started smoking a pipe, and wearing stout shoes, it was to look at this Inon lens I was telling you about, and I got talking to a guy from Cameras Underwater, Paul Duxfield, Duxy for short, who really knows his stuff, takes some fantastic photos, and is their digital compact camera guru there, and who also managed to get me to part with £225 ( clucking bell!! ) for the lens & attachment.

Inon 105ad wide angle lens

I have taken some photos with it already, but none underwater, so thats another reason to get onto a pool soon.
When the lens is used in air, it acts as a fisheye lens, giving some interesting effects.

 note the fisheye effect, this wont
be so marked underwater
Well folks, well done for getting this far again…I hope you all had a brilliant easter, but what about the weather???
We went to see some friends in Cambridge ( where I got very very drunk- but thats another story!  ) and I woke up easter sunday to see it thick with snow…
Happily it only lasted for a few hours and it was well gone when we came back home on the monday.
Take it easy folks, apologies for my lack of blogging, and to everybody, I will try to get round as soon as possible,
Have a good week!


In a rush!

 Firstly , to everyone that has been visiting & found no change here for nearly a month,
Where did February go??
One minute I’m off diving, next its March & I haven’t been on her for nearly a month…and I haven’t finished with my Sharming tale… oh well maybe another time, it was going on a bit anyway.
What’s  been happening with your old mate Seadog??
Well the bastard flu that I have had on & off since the beginning of December has returned ..with vengance! 
and I feel like 2 packets of turd wrapped up in a bag, to clarify that last statement, I feel like shit.
This is starting to interfere with my life & I’m getting right pissed of with it I can tell you
Life at home has been hectic, with one thing and another and I have spent quite a considerable amount time up in my loft..again….
Regular readers might remember that this time last year , I boarded out my loft, and put a load of shelves up, ( very nice it looked too when it was done ) , and I now have a load of space up there.
However, due to a lack of planning on the shelf support front, I didn’t put enough of the bleeders up, & so have ended putting up a load more…brilliant!
However, while I had the shelves off I thought I would paint the wall as well…. what a mistake, the fucking wall was dusty as fuck and it took me bastard ages to do…and I’ve got to do it with the other side of the loft as well…what a cock!!
On the back of the aggro I’ve had, & coz I feel so shite, I have decided that the wall can stay as it is, brown & brick coloured.but I will still have to do the shelves, though  I do have to say that the white does really lighten it up…..hmm…….
I had to put a new tv aerial up because the old one was crap, and I couldn’t receive any freeview signals…that took half a day ( in the loft.. again.. ), but now I’ve done it.. wahay, I’ve never seem channel 5 so clearly on terestial tv… it really has made a difference.
Apart from that time has just ripped past, and I really dont know where it has gone….in a blink I think!
Roll on March….
We are off to London this weekend to go to the dive show at ExCel in the docklands.

This show is brilliant if you are into scuba diving and folks flock from yards around to go.
Last year it cost me a blooming fortune…. hopefully this year won’t be so bad
We will travel down on Friday night, and stay with my brother, who has an outing to Windsor Castle planned at some stage over the weekend, probably Saturday, then to the show on Sunday.
Hopefully this time on the way back I will go the right way on the M25, and save myself about an hour of excess travelling …also hopefully I will have recovered enough to be actually able to enjoy it!
When I get some time I will post some photos from Sharm, as there are one or two quite good ones, he said taking his trumpet from his pocket & blowing it loudly, but here are a few anyway














Take it easy chaps, I’m off to bed to try and sweat this out!
And to everyone…
I will try to get over soon , promise, as there must be loads to catch up on.