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It Doesn’t get much better than this!!

5 – 1
We beat the shit 5-1 ,
We beat the shit 5-1. .
We beat the shit 5-1…..


                                         5   –    1

Every so often in your life comes a day to remember….
For me today is the day…….
As regular visitors will know I am a season ticket holder at Aston Villa….and over the last few years we have endured some shite….
However, the advent of the Lerner revolution and the O’Neill discipline means that at long last the club is on the up….
Today we played the shit… Birmingham City and thrashed them off the park beating them

yes thats right


.. fucking hell…

Its a dream, I’m going to wake up in a bit,everybody is going to be wearing a foxes head and its really 9.30am……
That means that in the last 3 games we have now scored 15 goals.. and only let in 1
John Carew Carew,
He’s bigger than me & you,
he’s going to score one or two,
John Carew Carew
" What’s that.. 5?? they ARE shit !
and thats another two for me!
Ashely Young
" and me too "
Gareth Barry
Special mention must be made for this man
he was absolutely awesome today
I’ve just rewatched the glorious game on Sky after completely breaking my no drinking rule and spending all afternoon ( and most of the evening ) …
Down the pub!!!
After the game, we decided that is was only right to celebrate the glorious day, by having a drink at the local hostelery, so after parking the car up when we got home from the game, we strolled up the the pub and started celebrating….
This has turned into a massive piss session,

I ‘m absolutley wankered, I can hardly speak, both from drinking and shouting at the match, and I’m finding it very hard to concentrate on typing anything, so in the interests of me not making a complete tit of myself I’m off to bed…..
To dream,to think, to re live today…
I actually can’t wait to get into work tomorrow for some serious piss taking… and for once its not going to be me thats the butt of the jokes..
For us, it makes the possiblilty of finishing 5th more and more likely.. for them it makes the threat of relegation very real… they have got a few hard games to come..ho ho ho
I sincerely hope your weekend has been a good as mine.. I cant stay awake anymore so I AM off to bed…
sleep tight folks!!