Monthly Archives: July 2008

Must Dash!

Sorry folks… life has been incredibly busy for the last month, ( busier than usual! ), and now that time of year has come again, when the olde seadog & his mrs, have to bypass quarantine conditions & sneak off on our holidays  ( again? I hear you shriek)   to the very sunny island of Kos

( creatures of habit or what! ), where it is hot at the moment  for a hopefully glorious 2 weeks of sun, diving, swimming & more importantly for the old growler, relaxing on a beach.    
If you are really unlucky I will bore the pants off you with of the details,but it does tend to go on a bit.
If I can get on line whilst we are out there…well who knows!
To everyone that I know, my most sincerest apologies for neglecting you,  , or even coming to visit you, but to those that have stuck by me,Sarah,( sorry we never got to meet up at the Flugtag )Carol ( hope your daughters ok ), Tinks, Rie, Ann ( howdy ! ) , Marple ( and Alice ) and everyone I haven’t mentioned.. sorry, thanks, and I PROMISE, honest guv, to get over when we get back…
I have got so much to say & tell, but not enough time to do it!
What a bummer!!..
AND I’m going to miss Dr. Who tonight as well.. double bummer   

Is it the end for the ginger trout…
And what about the Doctor???

Is it me,or has Rose gone goofy???

Last one out  switch off the lights and lock the doors…
Oh that’s me!
see you soon