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Alone again.. naturally!

 Hello  chaps,
you might have noticed that I have been trying loads of text styles..well  thats right I have, and I’m still not sure which is the best one, though I think that I really do like this colour…. what do you think?
Alone again.. naturally.. Gilbert O’sullivan, a 70’s pop star of repute  who sang quite  a few ballads and was quite successful at the time..sorry I digress, that’s me tonight, as the old growler has had to go on a course to  geordie land for work, and wont be back until tomorrow evening.
So I have spent the last few hours blog surfung , visiting old friends that I haven’t seen for yonks,making new friends , having a takeaway curry , and swigging a bottle of wine, feeling a strange sense of oneness .
Its strange how much you can miss someone after such a short time,  god knows what I would do / will do,if she sparks out before me, or anything happens to her.
Never mind, she will be back tomorrow evening ,and I  can’t wait.
Hold on folks, I’ve just googled the words for the aforementioned titular dirgee, and by billyo fuck it IS a dirge..
Its all about him being stood up and he’ s going to throw himself off a tower…..
I know I’m a bit on the lonely side, but a tower??…..fucking hell..think about the mess man!                 
Conveniently , this version appears to have the words karaoke stylee so that you can all appreciate the genius of this 70’s songster…
For those who can remember & were around at that time .. did we REALLY wear clothes like that?
and for those that weren’t
ladies & gentlemen.. I give you  Gilbert O’sullivan
Goodnight chaps, Im off to bed….. on my own!   

Saturday night……

 Well chaps, its 6.00 pm saturday night, I have just spent all afternoon sitting in front of the radio, listening to the Villa play the mighty ( and relegation favourites ) Stoke at the Brittannia Stadium, their first home game in the Premier league, and what could be termed as a cert win..
(for the Villa that is )
Fucking bollocks!
They have only gone and beaten us, 3  fucking 2 with a last second goal, and help from a totally incompetent referee called …..
Mark Halsey

A premier ref today..tosser
This bloke is one of the worst refs I have even seen, he denied the villa a cast iron penalty, then 5 minutes later gave one to stoke which was completely unjustified.
How on earth does this man still ref premier league matches?
Every time he refs us, there is always controversy…time for him to go I think.
We were shit, and really didn’t deserve it anyway.
overconfident, bullied off the ball ( which we all knew was going to happen) , they have allowed themselves to give away a last second goal..again….arghh!!!
Roll on the scousers ( liverpool )next sunday…we owe them a bit of payback re Gareth Barry…
I cant wait…
Comiserations also to Kenny a  ‘boro supporter for getting turned over in the last minute by Liverpool and that cod trapped twat little Stevie G.
Anyway rant over……
Tonight we are off to a party with some folks from the old growlers work, which should be a laugh, and also a bit of a session, which hopefully wont leave me feeling too moby dick tonight , then tomorrow we are off to cambridge to see some friends there…which coincidentally will also turn into a bit of a session…oh dear, my poor old liver..
Perhaps a bit of self control I hear you say…yes thats true, and I quite agree, but you know what its like…sometimes its impossible……..
Well folks , short and sweet, so you dont get pissed off ( as promised ),
have a great weekend everybody, I’m off for a shower…
Woof woof !!!
ps . If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Steve Maclaren and his ridiculous dutch accent……. what the fuck does he think he is doing??
( he is the one with the deep voice by the way  )

Ho ho ho Yesh pleash…
wally with a brolly??
ginger with a lisp more like…



Definitely not dead yet!

 Hi everyone…
just a quick note to let you know that contrary to popular rumours I am in fact still alive & well, with absolutely shitloads to tell you about…..
and thats the problem you see, I’m quite aware that sometimes my entries are far too long,and some people might just get a little pissed off by the amount of effort it takes to actually read the thing, but you want to try being on this side of it!
Plus because it takes so bastard long to do ( I have been known to take all day ) it takes me away upstairs and I dont get anything done….
Sooo, in an effort to keep up to date , I have flexed my flexible friend, bit the bullet & bought …..
Clucking bell.. its taken me facking ages to get the thing wirelessly networked in,  but now…
well here it is,and here am I writing on the thing..brilliant!
So welcome to the 21st century at Seadog Towers.. though the old growler is giving me some stick about carpets,the hall stairs and landing, and the money spent on a laptop which we didnt need ( yes we did ) and carpets that we do need ( yes we do ), so I think a compromise might well have to be struck…later!
Just one last thing…
4-2 to the villa boys!!
Have a great week everybody, and I will see you soon
Woof woof !!
ps Where the fuck has the sun gone???
looks like I’m going to have to book another week in Kos, its far too cold for me here..
Adios amigos!!
pps. its great to see some old friends back again… welcome home folks!