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9/11- The Falling Man

 7 years ago yesterday, one of the worlds worst atrocities occurred.

No one needs to be told about what happened, the pictures of the airplanes flying into the towers,will stay with me, indeed all of us for the rest of our lives.
The true horror of what really happened to those people who were trapped in the towers, facing certain death, is only now being acknowledged.
Over 200 hundred people had to make the choice of burning to death, or throwing themselves out, and  falling to their deaths.
I originally wrote this in 2006,I felt then,that it was important that people knew about the horrendous choice these incredibly brave people had to make.
I still feel it is important.
I male no apologies for repeating this entry.
The Falling Man – 9/11/2001
The Falling Man
Imagine having tohave to make THAT choice
For those that don’t know what this is all about, the falling man was a picture taken on 11th September 2001,of the Twin Towers in New York, shortly after the planes had hit.
New York photographer Richard Drew was taking photos of the Trade Centre and captured the images without realising what he had got.
When he processed the film there was this image of a man, the man, falling gracefully, seemingly  accepting of his fate as he plummeted 1000 feet to the ground.
This image (one of a series of 12 ) was so powerful, that it was syndicated worldwide and published to a universal storm of protest from readers who found its symbolysm too much to bear.
This photograph then vanished from public view, as did any acknowledgement that approximately 200 other people had also jumped.
The official version was that they had either been blown out, or that they had fallen, either way a complete denial that they had jumped.
Tom Junod, a journalist, decided that he would try to find out, who this icon , this falling man, actuallly was.
After much research, a possible identity was suggested, Norberto Hernandez,
Norberto Hernandez on the left.
which encountered much resistance from his family, who couldn’t or wouldn’t accept that ths could possibly be their relative.
This identity was discounted, and again after further research and interviews with Staff from the Twin Towers , and posible family members, a new name was suggested, Jonathan Briley.
Jonathan Briley
Another brave , brave man.

Is this the Falling Man? 

Possibly, maybe even probably, but who ever he was, he had a terrible choice to make, as did many others.
A choice I hope I never have to make.
For a more in depth article please visit:

Falling man  photographed by Richard Drew 
Post Note:
I found this truly harrowing visual tribute to the ” jumpers “.
It contains some heart rending scenes.
I defy anyone to watch it, and not feel for those poor brave people who had to make that terrible terrible choice.
I’m not really a religious person, but I pray for their souls, and also that I should never have to make the same choice that they did.

Lip up Fatty….

 Oh dear….
Next week is my mums birthday,god luv her, on the 12th , when she will be 79, but as we wont be here next weekend we arranged for all ( well most ) of the family to come a visiting  and take her out to lunch..
at an all you can eat chinese buffet at an establishment called Modern China, where for the princely sum of £9 you can fill your boots…
We hadn’t got there yet, that’s why it looks so empty!


Fucking hell, I have had so much to eat I could nearly burst….all the good work I have been doing regarding weight loss and dieting have gone straight out of the window and I now feel fatter than britains fattest man, the exceedingly large blue nose porker fat Barry Austin……
Fat Barry today after an eat all you can chinese buffet..
and by gum this fatty can eat!
How on earth does fat barry quaff 40 pints AND 3 curries??
This man has been known to go to his local curry house and order THE menu.. in its entirety
I just couldn’t help myself your honour, the food at this place is so good that I just had to keep on stuffing it in…..but and this is a big but, because of the aforementioned dieting regime, I only managed 2 platefulls of nosh, one starters, and one main course… gone are the good old days of 4 or 5 helpings…. and a very small portion of a selection of puddings ( on the recommendation of Mrs. Dog you understand  ), and now I feel like I could burst…
I really dont think I am cut out for this abject piggery anymore…the effects of this stuffout are taking their toll on my system, and that coupled with the 3 pints of Grolsch quaffed during the tudoresque repast have knocked me right out,so I think I’m going to go to bed early and try to sleep it off…. I’m sooo full !!!
LIp up fatty- Ska at its best!
and also quite fitting for the days activities
As mentioned earlier, we wont be here next week… that because we are escaping the delights of our english summer for a week in… yes you’ve got it…..Kos again.
We are only going for a week,really just to catch up with our greek friends and to do some of the things that we didn’t get to do in July.
We will probably do some diving ( actually that is defintiely ),go to the island of Kalymnos for a day,and really just relax.
Poor old Mrs. Dog is a bit stressed with work at the moment, and really could do with the break,and I just want to go and live there.
When we went in July we were both studying for dive courses…advanced open water for the old growler, and enriched air speciality for both of us, (which means she is officially at the same level as me ) and so didnt really get a chance to relax.
However I checked out the weather forecast, and at the moment it is 35c and sunny, but the forecast is light drizzle on thursday ….what the fuck is that all about…I dont travel 3000 miles for rain, I can stay at home and do that!!!
So I will try to get round and say hi to everybody before we go, but if I dont, its only because of time, or a lack of it, my old favourite moan!
Have a great week everyone!
ps. what do you think about this font?   I quite like it really ,its easier to read than the handwriting one, and seems a little bit less formal ( if you get what I mean)
pps. Large Hadron collider…….

worthwhile experiment or potential disaster of earth destroying consequence…????

Apparently the purpose of this huge device is to find something called a Higgs Bosun, an incredibly small and possibly mythical particle that is thought to have existed for a trillionth of a second just after the big bang and the universe was created…….
I would be very interested to hear your views.