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Hi folks, 
Back again… at last!
Life is soooo hectic sometimes I really dont have time to do anything, so apologies to all who have come for  a look and seen the same old stuff from last time.
Strange title really, but it refers to mine.
Today is his birthday.
Born in 1932 , that makes him 76 today…. well it would if he was still here.
Unfortunately he died in 1981,  after  that old cliche,  a short illness.
And by fuck it was short.
Taken ill just before Fathers day ( ironic isn’t it ), to dead July 12th.
Cancer, of the brain, a brain tumour, a nasty insidious evil way for anyone to die.
In less than 2 weeks I had lost my hero , my friend , my dad.
1981 was a strange time for all of us.
My mum and dad had temporaily separated, though it was looking permanent at the time, and indeed turned out to be so.
Dad had bought himself a flat not far away from the  " family " domicile, and was struggling with the demands, both emotional and financial of the family, and of holding his career together, trying to see as much of us as possible, but without pressurising us into choices.
He had suffered from a slight paralysis of one side in early June, which the doctors thought was possilby a reaction to the stress of his personal life.
He was scheduled to have tests the week after Fathers Day, and I remember him going to a hospital in Northampton, where some clever and enterprising young intern suggested that this was not  " hysterical Paralysis ", but had all the halllmarks of  a brain tumour, and that he should be tested straight away.
They took him to the neurological hospital not far from here for the tests, and I went to see him on the Sunday.
I hadn’t seen him for a week before that and I was devastated.
He looked like an old tramp, it was shocking, this dapper , educated , sophisticated , proud, professional man …., the fuckers hadn’t even bothered to shave or wash him.
We got that sorted out, and after a wash & shave , he looked like a semblance of his former well self.
The results came through on Monday 29th June.
A shit day for 2 reasons.
It was a red hot day, sunny, dry, a beautiful english summer day.
I blew the engine on my fucking bike on the way home, and had to push the fucker 3 miles home.
Then the call… horrible.. just like a soap opera,
" Hello, I’m afraid they have found something… it’s a tumour…. a brain tumour."
"Will he die?"
" Yes….. I’m afraid so….."
"How long? "
"How long? "
Not long as it turned out, and the next 2 weeks  just flew past in a flurry of hospital visits.
I was lucky really, at least I had the chance to tell him how I felt, what it meant to lose him,and to tell him how much I loved him.
It took fucking ages to be even able to think about him without bursting into tears. I was sitting in a pub one day just chatting, and the floods came on, I was so embarassed..blokes dont sit in pubs blarting.
Special mention must go here to 2 very good friends.
Jo, a special lady who saw me through so many low moments,desperately sad and emotional times, and without whose strength I probably would have lost it, and Brendan, a true mate, one of those friends who asks for nothing, but will give all he can, when he can.
The emotional scars of that summer are still with all of us one way or another.
Time IS a great healer.. well not a healer really, but as the time passes, memories are not so vivid, hurts not so sharp,emotions are tempered with age and understanding, but I still miss him sometimes, even now over 27 years later.
it’s a funny old life,in 3 weeks time I will be 50… older than my dad was when he died…. spooky!
I never thought that I would out live him, and I always thought that he would be around.
I had some great times with my dad, funny, serious, angry.. but I loved him and still do.
I would have given anything to have swapped places with him at that time.
Enjoy your time with your parents, they are precious times that can never come back.
Gone is gone, until the next life?..
1981….. it was a shit year.

 My dad 

Here, there & everywhere

 Well howdy do folks!
It is I , Ye olde Seadog, blogging again at last, after what seems an eternity…in fact it IS an eternity.
The last time I was on here was 11/12 September…
Its now the 5th of November..where the hell has that time gone?
Well I suppose its about time we had a bit of a catch up..
We went away to Kos ( again! ) for a week on the 13th September ( unlucky for some) , literally days after Excel went bust.
Luckily for us, after much discussion about trying them out ( and because there were no flights left! ) we flew with Thomsons, so happily we were ok, but there were plenty of people that weren’t, and got stranded / dumped on big time by Excel.
Those bastards were taking bookings AND money at midnight on the day before they folded.
Bloody thieving that is in my opinion, and completely wrong.
Mind you, the upside of this was that some people were stuck in their resort – lucky bastards-that would never happen to me, though having said that we were flight only so we would have been well & truly fucked.
We have been to a load of football matches with Villa doing well in the league & the Uefa cup and recently went to the Dive show at the Nec, where Mrs. Dog bought me my xmas presents/s, which are…

a Suunto cb3 in line console, which has a depth gauge, an air pressure gauge, and a compass all built in, which is very flash and normally retails at about £150, but which we eventually found at an extremely low price of £85!
A bargain, which just had to be had..
Hoorah and happy xmas to me!
Also, readers from long ago, might remember me buying a dive knife, you know a big thing in a bright yellow sheath
just like this one actually.
Well when we went to Sharm, I took this with me, and asked the guide Dave, where was the best place to put this ( not up my arse! ), to which he replied " back in your bag mate, you cant wear that here "
Bollocks!!, but never mind, we were going to Kos in July, I would wear it there.
So the first days diving, out comes the knife, ( much to the admiration of all the folks on the boat ),and under the water we went……
where I promptly lost the fucking thing!!
Fuck knows where it went ( well down to the bottom of the sea obviously, tit! ), but I literally only had it on for 2 minutes.
I must have not located it properly in the sheath, and as soon as we tipped off the rib ( a small boat ), it decided that a life in the briney was a must for it.
Ho ho ho , what merriment and mirth I caused  hardy fucking ha.
We did go back for a look a few times, but rather like McCains bid for president, it was a gonner. It transpired that it actually got found a couple of days after we left to come back home,and I got it back in september, but my condfidence in it was shot, so the old growler decided to buy me a new one ( also for christmas )so she got me one of these….
an Aquatek T Rex titanium dive knife….
Clucking bell, thats some serious piece of kit, very light, good for travelling, very expensive, and fuck off sharp, good for cutting my way out of stuff..wahey!
There is a very good reason for this very dangerous article, and that is this.
Those that know me, know that long term, I want to go and live in Kos.

Because I  haven’t won the lottery, and ( happily ) am not old enough to draw my pension yet ( not that it will be worth much anyway when I do, I need to be able to earn a living out there, and one of the only things that I can do that wont seriously piss off the local greeks, is something dive related.
Athina , from Liamis Diving in Kos, where we do our divng, has plans to turn the centre in to a PADI  5 star IDC centre, where they will train instructors.
If this comes off, it will be a rather large feather in their caps, but to get to this status, they need certifications, so she has told us that next year , for sure,we are doing our rescue diver & emergency response courses….., which basically is one step off being a pro…
which is how I/we could earn a living , well certainly pay some bills while we were out there,and realise our dream of living in the sun, and to be divemasters/ rescue divers we need the tools to rescue people if they get stuck, hence the knife.
However, I have done a bit of research into this divemastery stuff, and there appears to be a fitness test involved, oh oh, and also I’m a shit teacher, so there might be one or two obstaces to be overcome first.
Roll on next summer
Important World News.
There are a few congratulations to be proferred.
Firstly, well done to Lewis Hamilton, F1 world champion, youngest ever, and English to boot
Well done son, just dont let it go to your head, and become an arrogant tosser like all the rest of the recent F1 champions have been.
But the most important event of this year, is without doubt the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States.
An even bigger round of applause and congratulations must go to him, 8 years ago he was nobody, now he is living the american dream, he is the most powerfull man on earth, and people all over the world will be affected by his decisions, his choices, and his actions.
He might be the best thing that has ever happened to us ( certainly the world press is building him up as a ,sorry THE messiah,) he could be the worst, he is certainly a very young president, and he will need some very good advisors over the coming years.
Hopefully for him, there will be coming years, as sadly, america does not have too good a record regarding black politicians, Martin Luther King jumps to mind, and I fear for his safety.
There have already been some assasination plans foiled, slightly crackpot schemes admittedly, but the threat is there, and very real
I really hope for all our sakes, that this is pessimism of the first degree.
I’m not even going to get into the Iraq/ Afghanistan argument, or the Mugabe/ Zimbabwe/ D.R. Congo slaughter that is going on in Africa.
Perhaps, as an African American , he wll have the courage, and power to be able to do something about the terrible things that are happening there now, and as an AFRICAN american, perhaps they will put aside their tribal differences, and actually listen to him.
Good luck son, you are going to need it
God Bless America!
Thats all for now chaps, The old growler has gone to see the Stylistics with her sister tonight, and is staying over, so once again I’m on my own, Gilbert O’Sullivan stylee, and for my dinner tonight, which I am going to cook, I am having  Sirloin steak, and a spot of White Zinfadel wine as an accompaniment,mmmm.
I have got loads more to tell you, new specs, contact lenses etc, but I have gone on far too long, and I’m hungry now, so I’m off for a feed.
I will try ot say hi to everyone very soon,as hopefully I will have a bit more time now.
Take care folks!!