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Merry Christmas Everybody!

 To everyone I know in Blogland,
                                       it’s all his fault,
                                       little fat bastard!
and a very
to everybody!
I’m off to eat, drink, and be a merry ( literally ) olde Seadog
See you on the flipside folks!
Birthday Update
Thanks  to everybody for  your birthday wishes,.
It really went well, and I had a fabulous day, with lots and lots of presents, and also lot and lots to drink, suprisingly I felt quite well on sunday, well enough in fact to go to the chinese for a sunday buffet lunch…… I was fucking full after that I can tell you!
Saturday started off with champagne 10.30am , followed by some presents from the old growler, who had done really well, considering that I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted, she got me some after shave ( Ben sherman , very nice ) , a Villa shirt with my name & no.9 on the back of it, a tank driving experience, and a voucher for an equipment speciality for diving, which when I got it , I realised that WAS something I wanted.
This was followed by more champagne,now 11.30am and half a bottle in I was starting to feel a bit pissed, so I thought I better leave off it a bit ( which was just as well considering the onslaught to come ), or slow down, so in the interests of it being my birthday.. I slowed down a bit..well I’m only 50 once!
About 3.30pm my brother turned up, with his fiance, and we settled down  with a lager, to watch the villa get an edgy win 1-0 against West Ham.. brilliant… 3rd now, and if The Arse didn’t win the next day, that was where we were going to stay!.. and so it came to pass…. but I digress…
Just after the footy ( good timing or what! ) folks started to pour in through the door, and with them came.. PRESENTS!
I’m not going to bore you with a full list, besides which it would seem like bragging a bit, but my mum gave me a bottle of Bollinger Champagne
Bolly Darling…suppin’ liquor!
I’ve had a load of cash,even work had a whip round, 5 bottles of Champagne ,( never too much! ) a digital photo frame ( another thing I realised I wanted ) , a wallet,a JD hipflask & bottle to go with it,and the piece de la resistance…..
An Exclusive day out in the Directors Suite / Seating at Villa Park this boxing day to watch Villa play the Arsenal….champagne and canapes upon arrival,complimentary bar , tour round the ground, 4 course a la carte meal, exclusive seating in the extremely plush & very flash ( my words not theirs) directors area, more bevvys at half time,meet the Man of The Match , buffet dinner ( and more pop) then home at 10.00…
fucking hell.. what a present….. I honestly can’t wait!!
This being 50 business is brilliant….more pressies than I have ever had, and top quaility ones at that.
After my present frenzy, we went up to the curry house, where we were looked after like kings ( thanks Ash), and the by now 22 of us took the place over.
Brilliant..what a great time, no trouble, every one enjoyed themselves, there WAS enough to drink, and most of it did get drunk… a truly great night, one to remember, which I shall  for the rest of my life.
It also made me realise how truly lucky I am to have such a great family,and friends, who really went out of their way  to make me feel special and also to make the day special.
To be honest I was overwhelmed by it all on the night, and it has taken almost until today for reality to sink in.
Tonight we off to the curry house again, just 4 of us this time, for a relaxing drink & meal, then back here for a few more drinks to see the christmas morning in.
Tomorrow we are off to my sister, with all my briliant family for a slap up feed, and maybe a dip in the hot tub….Brilliant!
Take care everyone, have a great christmas, and a brilliant New Year.
I would also like to say thanks to everyone for their friendship over the year(s), its been a real pleasure getting to know you
I will try to get round and visit before the New Year, but if I don’t make it , please don’t get pissed off or think I have fallen out with you, time has run out.. it christmas!
The Real meaning of Christmas
Also lets not forget what this day is all about, the birth of a little baby boy, that went on to become one of the most important persons ( regardless of whether you believe or not ) in history.
Whatever your belief, enjoy this christmas!!

Awful nifty…….

For a man of 50!…
An Olde Seadog earlier, eagerly anticipating his big day!
Well here it is, 50 not out, in cricketing terms that is, a half century , and a milestone in my life.
My plan for today is to be drinking champagne for most of it, and indeed I started off the momentous occasion by sharing a bottle of Chablis with the old growler last night / this morning….
And now I feel a little bit rough, I supppose its because I’m not used to it, so I might just have to review my champers swigging plans a tad, and perhaps cut down a little bit… otherwise I might not see tonight!
What does the day have in store for me…well contrary to the above statement, I AM going to have some champers
some champers waiting for  me to drink it!
( I’m only going to be 50 once for goodness sake- unless of course you believe in the whole reincarnation thing, in which case I could be 50 a load of times, but we wont go into that now! ), then I will open my birthday cards, and hopefully presents,( I’m really hard to buy for, and am completely useless present ideas wise ), then have some breakfast, mess around a bit, watch Soccer AM, have some more bubbly,get the house ready for tonight, then sit down to watch the Villa hopefully stick it up West Ham tonight ( Setanta Sports 17.30 kick off)
Come on you Lions!
I was going to have a big bash, but I decided against that, so  all my family , and some very good friends are off to our local curry house ( bring your own wine- So I have got 18 bottles of it, and 3 cases of lager, should be enough. I hope ) for a slap up feed, and a bit of a laugh, then its back to Dog Towers for a few more bevvys, and a toast for yours truly, by which time I will be completely smashed!
Tomorrow as they say, is another day, and also the first day of the rest of your life….
It might not be a good day,  but I will let you know!
Right thats it, blogging over, its



Another Month, another Year

 Well here we are again, another year, another christmas, and I bet you are wondering what the 5 days bit is refering to…well I will tell you pilgrims…….
In 6 days time, that’s the 20th December, your old mate Seadog will reach the great old age of
Fucking hell, and I really mean it this time…where the fuck did that go to??
It only seems like yesterday that I was 40….now its 10 years later, and I’m nearly 10 years older (clever that bit eh? ), and as Jean Luc Picard stated in the Generations film,I am more than aware that there is more time behind me than I have to come ( or something similar anyway ).
Yes I have a few, not having children possibly, not pursuing my education further when I had the chance, not winning the lottery ( not a serious one that.. or is it? ) not being able to see my dad grow old, being a bit of a grumpy old git sometimes, but on the whole not many really.
I have a good job, a great wife, good health ( hopefully ),some very good friends,a good family, and a comfortable living , a lot to be grateful for ( and I am ) …but now my thoughts are turning to pensions and growing old, and missed opportunities and I find myself wondering about what is to come, this normal?
Someone once told me that ‘time’ is a predator that stalks us all our lives. But I rather believe that time is a companion who goes with us on the journey and reminds us to cherish every moment because it will never come again.
Another Picard quote….and a very true one, and thats what I’m going to do or try to at least, to enjoy my time, to do things with that time, and not just waste it….hmmm perhaps thats a new year resolution blog…
Anyway, before I get too maudling, I am NOT going to have a big do ( sorry the Facebook Republican Party ), as we had a great big celebration in August ( there are a lot of big birthdays this year,50’s , 40’s 21’s 18’s etc ) and I got absolutely blasted, thought I had lost a contact lens, sulked in a corner for a few hours, then spent all night in a hot tub ( told you is was a good do! – If I remember I will post some pics ) , and woke up the next morning feeling like shit…
Mainly because I had tried to have drink for every year of my life….
I failed completely, only getting to about 9 before I lost count, though many of them were half pints of wine, plus Stella, plus Pimms,( thank fuck I never took the Jack Daniels around with me, or I would never have seen the light of day again), no wonder I felt like shit the next day.  
So this time we are going to our local curry house ( bring your own wine) just some close friends and family, for a very nice civilised meal, and maybe a few drinks afterwards.
There could be one slight flaw in this plan…
I have decided that in honour of my 50th and the momentous occasion that it is, that I am going to drink Champagne all day ( my favourite pint of lager!)
Mumms Champagne…mmmm!
and the demon brew has already been purchased (£15 a bottle from J.Sainsbury Esq… 3 bottles of it.. brilliant!)
dear oh dear, will he ever learn…
Yes actually I will, coz I’m not going to express it down( £15 a bottle for gods sake ), but sup it at a slow and lesiurely pace, and savour the bubbles.mmmm….
And I’ve got the day off work on Sunday…. could be messy, I will let you know!
So in honour of my impending induction into the ranks of S.A.GA ( Silly Auld Gits Association ) I am going to attempt to put on record 50  random things about me, some you might know, some you quite obviously won’t
1. I’m a bloke
2. I’m married
3. I haven’t got any children
4. Or pets
5.I have been maried for 19 years
6. I drive a Bmw
7. I’m not a typical Bwm driver wanker
8. I have a motorbike as well
9 . I have a clean licence ( now )
10. I used to weigh 15 stones ( fat fucker ) 
11. I now weigh 12st 8lbs
12. I still think I am fat
13. I am quite a softy at heart
14. I sometimes get upset by some of the stuff I see on tv
15. I like a good laugh
16. I enjoy listening to dance music
17. I fucking hate jazz…shite!
18. I am a PADI advanced Open Water Diver
19. I love going on holiday
20 . I have never been to the USA
21. Or Portugal
23. I have been to the Carribean
24. And Kos ..a lot
25. I would like to live in Kos
26. I dont make friends easily
27. But the ones that I do, stay friends for life.. usually
28. I have 3 brothers
29. And 2 sisters
30. 4 Nephews
31. And one niece
32. My favourite drink is Champagne
33. My favourite spirit is Jack  Daniels
34. My favourite food is Steak
35. I love Turkey
36. I quite like Christmas
37. I am a season ticket holder at Aston Villa
38. I am a bit of a piss taker
39 . I prefer to use my mouth, not my fists
40. Though I would if I had to
41. I have worked for the same company for 32 years
42. I miss my dad …still
43. I can be over critical
44. I am a Roman Catholic
45. I swear quite a bit
46. I like Science Fiction
47. I have never taken drugs
48. I still love my wife ( even after 22 years together )
49. I sometimes get embarrassed easily
50. I have acted on a stage in front of a paying public
There you go, 50 random facts about me to celebrate my 50th birthday……suprisingly harder to do than I thought.
If you have managed to get this far then well done, you now know more about me than some people I have known for years…..
Hope you enjoyed the read, and that you found it worthwhile…
Now …….