Monthly Archives: May 2009

Is There Anybody There?

Well not here from the looks of it..and certainly not me!
I’ve been so busy over the last month I really don’t know where to start……
Apologies…… FirstlyI must apologise to everyone that has left me messages over the last few weeks, that I have disgracefully not replied to, Queen Jojo, Jenagoth, Adrogoth, D, Pookie Wookie, Tinks, and anybody I might have missed
but I will get over to repay the compliments soon. I promise! …..
Also a few goodbyes, Jake,( who is now back again for a bit  ) & Kathy, both now gone from Msn for various reasons, sadly missed, and a welcome back to an old friend  Nurse Carol… nice to see you again!!
We are off to London tonight to stay with my brother, then off to Craven Cottage tomorrow afternoon,to watch the mighty Villa play Fulham….could be a good match! ( My prediction is a 2-1 win for Villa – in my dreams- so we will probalby loose  )
We are sat in the top tier, behind the goal, so dont forget to keep an eye out for us..we will be wearing claret & blue shirts with Acorns on th efront, and singing quite a bit!
I’m still not sure what to do on sunday…
Officially I have to go to work on Sunday morning, but I could book the day off.. trouble is it might interfere with my footballing activities later on in the year ( it’s a long story, and I will explain one day )
I also have another problem… because it’s been so long since I last posted, quite a bit has been going on, and we have done quite a lot, and I’m in a quandry whether to do the largest blog since that bloke who wrote the bible first penned " in the beginning" or to skip the last few months, and just start afresh ..
what do you think?..and you can be honest here!
Have a great weekend everybody ..( if in fact there is any " everbody "left ), and I shall make the utmost efforts to get over some time soon.
Seadog Towers signing out chaps!
Come on
 you Lions!