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20 Years

For my Wife 
today on our 20th Wedding Anniversary
3rd June 1989
For 20 Years we’ve been man & wife
You are my love, my light, my wife , my life.
20 years makes me so proud
I want to go wild & shout it out loud!
You light up my world with your beautiful smile
It’s been on your face since we walked up the aisle,
Thank you for letting me share in your life
My truly lovely beautiful wife.
20 Years of marriage….still looking good!
Funny thing though, out of all the people that came to our wedding we are the only ones still together
Everybody else is either divorced, split up from their the partners, in new relationships, or in some cases dead.
How far we have come in those 20 years….
How far will we go in the next 20?
Hopefully I’ll let you know!
We are going out to a nice Italian restaurant tonight,for a  romantic dinner for two, then cracking open my birthday bottle of Bollinger "Reserve" champers to celebrate a fifth of a century together.
This weekend we are off to that London, ( again ) , as a birthday present for the lovely lady.
She wants to go to Hampton Court ( means something else to me!  ), on Saturday,then to a rather flash Greek restaurant on the Tottenham Court Road.
A report will follow! have a good weekend all !
Hampton Court