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Memories of Time Past

Time – He’s waiting in the wings
He speaks of sensless things
His script is you and me, boy.
  Time…. now there’s a thing… friend or foe….
When you are young, time is an unquantifiable thing..minutes seem like days, christmas never comes….
You get a bit older & all of a sudden days seem like minutes, and you are left thinking " where did that go?"
4 years ago today my gran died  age 99 ( just ) after a short ilness caused by a stroke.
6 weeks from admission to final release, this time 4 years ago, time seemed to stand still, as we rushed around all the legal departments getting certificates, and making arrangements for her funeral.
The sudden realisation that there was no more time for chats, and laughs, sharing stories, and enjoying each others company.
Where did those 4 years go???
Where did those 99 years go?
Till we meet again……


Catherine – My Gran
24.12.1906 – 10.1.2006
99 Years 17 days
Originally published a few years ago, and repeated every 10th January ,I make no apologies for publishing this again.
She was a formidable woman, but I still miss her.
The finish of last year / the start of this year has been a bit difficult.
My mum was taken in to hospital with pneumonia on the 19th December, and it looked like we were going to have another "medical " christmas.
Luckily we managed to spring her on the 24th of December, so she managed to spend christmas at home, but her hospital trip seems to taken a lot out of her, and I’m hoping that she manages to make a recovery.
Trouble is , she in nearly 80, these things just don’t go away, and I’m a bit worried that this might be a tough year for her and us.
Hopefully that last statement wont come back to haunt me.
Sadly too , we have been told that a very good friend of ours who has cancer of the esophagus that was in remission, has had the terrible news that is has returned.
He has a young family, and his son has taken it really badly….I know how he feels, my dad died from a brain tumour in the space of 2 least this lad has a chance to be with his dad, enjoy the time theyhave together, and more importantly tell him he loves him, and say his goodbyes.
Remember, it could be you, it could be me…. if it isn’t it WILL be someone you know, or worse, love, so next time the Cancer Research lady comes knocking on the door, or shakes a bucket in your direction,don’t tell her to fuck off, dig deep in to your pockets and give…..remember, one day it could be you !
10 days in, and already the year is full of bad news…. I really hope it isn’t going to be one of those years.


Footy Short

Warning Contains Bad Language
Birmingham City 1 – Manchester United 1
 Fat Barry, Britains Fattest Man.. Birmingham City Supporter,
and legendary nosher of THE menu at his local curry house…
oh yeah …and a completely fat bastard!
I bet that fat cunt is happy tonight
Come on you Villa Boys……
How’s aboit ye?
Shite on the City.. one hundred years, they’ve won fuck all
Who are ye??