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Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and St George!


23rd April
St. George’s Day 
Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and St George! ‘ 



Today as I’m sure you are aware  (or maybe not )is St. George’s Day.
St. George is Englands patron saint,( as well as being a renowned dragon killer ), and in celebration of our aforementioned national day, I’ve  put an England flag up this morning in my window at home, and I have gone to work sporting an England shirt.
However I appear to be the only one that I know who has had the bottle to do this.
Also there seems to very little in the way of national celebration for today.
St. Patricks Day ( Ireland )

is celebrated worldwide with much gusto  ( and more than a few drinks )
In the USA,July 4th is a national holiday,and is celebrated as such by Americans all over the world

As is July 14th Bastille Day in France

but over here St. George’s day is just another day….
Is it because we really don’t care ….or is it that we are afraid of being branded as something we are not?
Don’t let extremists take our flag away from us
Be proud to celebrate Englands National Day
Wear your colours with pride!
Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and St George! ‘ 
Happy St. George’s Day



Return of the Mack.. part 2!

Well, as a famous person once said ( I believe it was Mark Twain ) 
" Reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated! "
and I am in fact still here, alive and kicking, and busy getting on with life
Ye Olde Seadog earlier today, enjoying a quiet moment of peace
and quiet, and reflection.
This year hasn’t turned out to be as bad as I thought it would be ( so far  ), if you can remember my mum was taken ill at christmas, and things were looking a bit difficult for a bit.
She was diagnosed as having heart failure  –Eh?? I thought that meant you were dead  – which is actually a condition on its own, and is described as  a condition in which a problem with the structure or function of the heart impairs its ability to supply sufficieny blood flow to meet the body’s needs..and it is also used incorrectly to describe a heart attack / cardiac arrest ( see I wasn’t wrong!  ).. oh yes  an irregular heart beat and some kind of lungs problems…. clucking bell, it all comes at once!!
However, many hospital appointments later, this diagnosis has changed to her needing an aortic  heart valve replacement, which means open heart surgery.
At nearly 80, she really doesn’t need this, but if she wants to live much longer, then she must have it done, and fairly soon from what the quack has said.
Hopefully if / when she has it done it will her improve her quality of life immeasurably. She is a tough lady, with an iron will, but time will tell.
Other than worring about the poor old bird we have been busy following The Villa around the country at various football grounds.
This has been a strange journey, at times exciting and rewarding, other desperatley disappointing, the Carling Cup Final, 2-1 to the Mancs..robbed by a bad refereeing decision,
Mrs. & Mrs. S. Dog go to Wembley
Wembley Way.. brr it was cold!
Sir Bobby Moore Statue outside club Wembley
After the game,  Peter McParland, Ex Villa legend & scorer of the winning goal
the last time we won the F.A. cup in 1957,Me, & Jimmy McEwan, another villa legend
from the 60’s
The Arch at Wembley
Fulham 2-0 to the Villa,
Reading 4-2 to the Villa,
Stoke 0-0 in the windiest place I have every been
Bolton 1-0 to the Villa,
 Chelsea 7 -1 to Chelsea Oh my God!! ( actually there appears to be more exciting and rewarding than disappointing  ) , and now this weekend back down to Wembley for the F.A.Cup semi final against……
( please god not another 7-1 arse spanking ),
for a game that really shouldn’t be played there.
Wembley should be for the final, and I know plenty of folks that just won’t go on principle ( stuff that, Wembley is Wembley, and whilst I agree with the sentiment, I do believe not going is cutting your nose off to spite your face), so it’s principles up your rear end, and off we are going…
Wemberley, Wemberley, We’re the famous Aston Villa and We’re off to Wemberley!
I have a load of pics of all the matches we have been to, and when I get a bit more time I will post them, that is if there is anyone left who can be bothered to look at them.


Finally, a mention for some dear friends who I have been very lacking in keeping in touch with,
Kenny, a liver transplant about to happen at any minute, Good luck my friend & good health,
Kathy, still writing brilliant poems, straight from the heart, and quite often straight from the hip too!
Kate, always a pleasure talking to you, and digesting the points you raise
Lynn, another poet of some reput
Jo, a serial dieter, but unlike myself very very successful, the hard job is keeping it off
Jake, Tinks, Fluff,Sarah, I’m sorry for not keeping in touch I hope you are all well.
Jen, sorry to lose you, keep safe.
I have thought about closing this space down, not because I don’t have anything to say, far from it, though I did go through a bit of a writers block, but because life and events outside this cyberworld are taking more and more of my time, and because it’s losing its buzz.
I used to look forward to composing a blog, laugh over the funny bits, proudly boast to friends and anyone who would listen, now I just feel guilty that I haven’t written anything on here for so long…..I would miss it there’s the awful unspoken thought ( well it is now ) is would anyone really miss it???
Like the bloke in the pic at the top of the blog, ( that’s not really me by the way, it’s Mark Twain  ) I think it’s time for a bit of reflection.
This is me… on the way home after the Carling Cup Final and manny many lagers!
Look at the expression on my can you lose and still be happy??
 Football,  it’s a funny old game!
This is Seadog Towers signing out…
See you on the flip side!
Hailing frequencies closed Sir