Alive Alive oh!

Well folks I am still actually alive, still here and probably writing for myself by now.
Lots have happened since I last blogged, life has been incredibly busy,and I’ve had THE know, the one that kicks you square in the nuts, and makes you feel like death is in fact the better option.
Yes . I know all the old wives tales about blokes getting it worse than chicks, but this time I really have……
No energy, no joie de vive , and definitely no mojo.
I’ve not been exercising ( tut tut fatty), not been blogging, just going to work, coming home and not going to sleep at night..what a bummer!
We have been on a boat in the middle of the red sea for a week ( pre virus – thank fuck! ), dived with sharks, eels, turtles, .. all sorts of stuff.. a fuller tale hopefully will emerge from the pages in the near future.
I’m not sure what has changed in my life that is stopping me getting on here.. perhaps Mrs. Dog not studying anymore, perhaps because I’m so busy at work, I don’t even get a chance to log on and have a quick look…..perhaps my real world has started to take over my cyber world..which has left me thinking
Over the last 5 years(ish) that I’ve been doing this blogging stuff, I’ve met ( cyber speaking) quite a few people.
Some of the folks have been passing ships at night, the sort of rum cove that a chap wouldn’t look twice at in real life,and certainly wouldn’t talk to under any circumstances.
But a lot of them have been sound people, and a few of them I would really like to get to know better. 
They have stories to tell, lives to live, and struggles to fight.
I’ve been through traumas with few, given support, and genuinely been very upset by some of the tales I’ve read… and I’m worried I’m going to lose contact with these people, not because it’s their fault, more because it’s mine……
What to do? 
Let this space go.. and lose contact with some people that the I really care about, or just junk it, put it in mothballs, and check it every so often..
Or go the other way, and spend all my time on here ( that’s not going to happen- a divorce would follow shortly afterwards! )
Time for a bit of hard thinking about the word " compromise"
Take care folks, I will try to put some pics, and a highly amusing /informative  blog for your perusal.
G’night folks, but for a few special people an extra special G’night..
Kenny- good luck my friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Jes, always in my thoughts, yours is a story that is truly moving.
Kathy – go girl.. life has turned round for you at last.. long may it last!
Carol.. no longer a student nurse, now fully fledged, well done babe
Sarah, long time no speak, I’ve really missed your hugs, come back soon….
and to any I’ve missed, sorry folks!
Alive alive o… yes I suppose I am!

2 responses to “Alive Alive oh!

  1. haha i\’ve just popped in after nearly a year i\’m a facebooker now can keep in touch with people alot quicker, what ever your doing have fun and take care x

  2. Thanks for the mention me old mate. you keep right on doing what you are doing, you write from the heart and you tell it how it is.Hope you have a good season footy wise. I have gave up on Boro. beat 1-3 in our first game. dam it !!!take care mateyKenny .

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