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Catch Up & Ketchup





That ought to be mayonnaise really as I never have ketchup .. or brown sauce, mint sauce, apple sauce, and all those other sauces that folks put on their dinners
I prefer to have my nosh as it comes.. though I’m a tad fond of gravy…. northern boys lurve gravy!!
Well catch up, firstly where’s the blooming summer gone?? I believe we had a few days of sun, and it’s done not much more than rain ever since  , my bike will be thinking we’ve fallen out..and talking about summer, it’s been quite eventful.
As you might know, the Dogs ( that’s us by the way) are in to scuba diving, and this summer we were very lucky to go on a liveaboard dive boat and spend a week floating around the Red Sea, enjoying the scenery, the ( rather large ) fish, and some hard diving.
This sadly doesn’t qualify as a holiday ( bloody hard work!! ), so we are of to the sunny island of Kos for a  couple of weeks.  and boy do we need the rest.
However, this year I’m going to take my lappy with us, and try to get some wifi access and blog from abroad ( yeah yeah, I know I can’t do it from here, so what chance have I got from there  )
Well doubters, as I say IF  I can get internet access ( which is probable ) I’m likely to have a bit of time on my hands, so instead of wanking about doing sod all, I might just try it…what do you think,  worth it or not????
Answers on the back of a postcard please
The new footy season has started, and GOD has departed.
Monday afternoon my phone started going apeshit as texts and calls came through with the news…. Martin O’Neill has resigned.. 5 DAYS before the start of the season!! WTF!!!
However Super mac has taken the reins ( temporarily), and led the Claret & blue glory boys to a superb win over the other claret chappies,West Ham- now run by the ex-jokers from Birmingham City,continuing in the manner they always have- and got a passable draw against the bally hun team Rapid Vienna….
Stop press!!
I dont believe it!!!  
The Claret & blue glory boys ( Villa) have just been spanked off the park by Newcastle United
recent relegation fodder, and returnees to the premier league
6 fucking 0
I believe the expression is
The barcodes are relegation fodder, what on earth is going on, we were all over them, Carew missed a penalty, and then we fell to bits.. for fucks sake we even made Routledge look good..and that twat Joey Barton
Joey Barton today celebrating scoring against Villa..wanker!
Thank  goodness we are going on our hols soon, I’m honestly not sure if I can take the embarrasment.. Monday is going to be a long long day…
Anyway, we’re off very soon, so the next instalment will hopefully come from the sunny isle of Kos, where the temperature is 28c NOW (2.30am local time, wahay!!!)
Take care all, see you on the flip side, if not before….
Smoke me a kipper. I’ll be back for breakfast
Ciao for now