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To Absent Friends

Time – He’s waiting in the wings
He speaks of sensless things
His script is you and me….
Time…. now there’s a thing… friend or foe….
When you are young, time is an unquantifiable thing..minutes seem like days, christmas never comes….
You get a bit older & all of a sudden days seem like minutes, and you are left thinking ” where did that go?”
5 years ago yesterday my gran died age 99 ( just ) after a short ilness caused by a stroke.
6 weeks from admission to final release, this time 5 years ago, time seemed to stand still, as we rushed around all the legal departments getting certificates, and making arrangements for her funeral.
The sudden realisation that there was no more time for chats, and laughs, sharing stories, and enjoying each others company.
Where did those 5 years go???
Where did those 99 years go?
Till we meet again……
Catherine – My Gran
24.12.1906 – 10.1.2006
99 Years 17 days
Originally published a few years ago, and repeated every 10th January ( a day late this time, sorry)
,I make no apologies for publishing this again.
She was a formidable woman, but I still miss her.
Time – friend or foe?
One day I will work it out


Hello world!

Hello World indeed…. a title chosen by me by this newfangled wordpress thingy 😦 I haven’t logged on to msn for ages ( Septemberish in fact) then when I did I’ve been forced to ” migrate “.. I feel like a homeless person that has been chucked out of the hostel!

Well here I am anyway, if anyone is interested, forgive the appearance, it’s late, and it’s the first time I’ve posted anything on here, so I’m not sure if / how anything works… I’ve not even had time for a look areound yet, so I don’t even know if I can put photo albums etc on here.. and if the ones on msn have come over. 😦

Please bear with me, and if there is anyone out there who remembers me, feel free to drop in.

I can’t promise any interesting stuff, but it would be nice to say hi :-[) ( also any tips would be gratefully accepted )

Here endeth the first entry started 1.1.11