Another 7 Days

                              At the beginning of my life, Mum aged 28
7 more days, another week
18 weeks now as we try to seek
The answers to why you were taken away
On that warm and sunny July day
You were so very ill and we didn’t know
That your time was coming, your time to go
You tried so hard to live, but it wasn’t to be
And that July day was the last you would see
I’ll never forget the times that we had
Some so good, and some so bad
But that is what life and love are about
It can make you laugh, it can make you shout
A mother’s love can never be replaced
It is pure, freely given and should be warmly embraced
Because one day that love will no longer be there
You have gone, and life is now a place of despair
Mum, you looked after us the best that you could
We didn’t appreciate that care as much as we should
How we all miss the love that you gave
That’s gone away now forever with you in your grave
It’s been a tough week mum, I’ve missed you so much
and I still am missing  you now
You are always in my thoughts, and will
be forever in my heart
All my love always
                                                One year on, Mum aged 29
                                          At our wedding, Mum, Aged 59
                                              At her 80th Birthday Party
 80Years Old, Well Done Mum
Near the end of Mums Life,  Febraury 2011
Now the Circle has closed
Our lives go on
All we have now are our memories
As we say goodbye and thank you
For all that your were
For all that you did
And for all the love that you gave us
Goodbye my love

2 responses to “Another 7 Days

  1. Beautiful tribute Seadog, she was a beautiful lady…RIP dear lady xxx

  2. Thank you Lynn,
    she was so sweet somtimes and she was the personification of charming when at her best, though she wasn’t always sweetness and light, and did have a bit of a temper :-)..
    But it’s impossible for anyone to be at their best all the time, and as she grew older, I learnt to not accept, but live with her eccentricities, which I would give anything to see just one of now ( even if it would drive me up the wall)
    At her best ( and that is how I try to remember her ) she was such a loving,sweet, charming, knowledgeable, lovely person to be around, and her loss has hit me like a freight train.
    Maybe one day I will see her again?
    Take care my friend

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