Bricks and Mortar

The House is a structure made of bricks and mortar

No more the sounds of son and daughter

Father and mother both now passed

Christmas has ended there at last


For 47 years on Christmas day

The House has rung to sounds of play

Of children shouting and opening presents

Beaming  smiles on their faces shaped like crescents


No sound now of excited shrieks

No smiles of happiness on childrens’cheeks

Just silence apart from a few creaks and a groan

As we all pass yet another huge milestone


No shuffling of an old ladies feet

No decorations or Christmas treat

No last minute wrapping in the midst of night

No smells of cooking when awakening at first light.


No presents cascading under the tree

No cracker jokes laughed at raucously

No Christmas dinner round the family table

All just memories now, like a Christmas fable


Time has moved on, the people are gone

Where there was life, now there is none

The House is empty, all is quiet and dark

When mums life ended, with her went life’s spark




2 responses to “Bricks and Mortar

  1. This piece is extremely well written, Nick. The imagery is vivid, and the pain you are in is evident.

    But my friend – & I hope I don’t offend you by saying this – I am convinced your mum would be really unhappy to see the depth of your grief. Do you think there’s no CHRISTmas in heaven? Let her have a happy Christmas, Nick. Let her look down on you from heaven & see your smile.

    I’m on holiday til 4th January. RING ME if you need to.

    Merry Christmas, dear friend. xxxx

  2. You would have to go some to do that Kathy, Thanks for your comment, I take that as high praise 🙂
    Christmas was okay to be’s been difficult , much more difficult. Oh well only New year to go , then that’s tha major milestones over with.
    Merry Christmas to you too my dear friend xxxx

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