100 Days


100 days, how were we to know

That your life was ending, you were preparing to go

100 days were all you had left

There was only 100 days to go


100 days left for us to see you

To talk, to love, to laugh, to reminisce

Of life and times and things gone past

100 days was all you could last.


100 days of life in a bubble

Every waking hour a struggle

No appetite or strength to keep awake

100 days of life half lived


100 days how could we know

100 days left to show

100 days left to love you

The rest of my life left to miss you



There isn’t a day that has gone past since Mum died that I haven’t thought about her, haven’t missed her haven’t stopped loving her.

She  was such a big influence on my life, and such a large part that now she is  not here, my life has changed forever.

Surrounded by friends and family I suddenly feel very lonely.


Always in my thoughts, forever in my heart, I miss you so much mum

All my love my lovely mum,

Happy Easter xxx


9 responses to “100 Days

  1. But you said it yourself, dear Nick – your mum is always in your heart, & that means you’re NOT alone. Happy Easter, my friend. xxx

  2. A beautiful tribute to your Mum Nick…I sometimes feel lost knowing my Mum isn’t just around the corner any-more so instead I’ll keep her warm in my heart as you do…May God bless you….A late Happy Easter to you and your family

    • I know that feeling too Lynn, knowing the old familar places that we used to go to together are still there, but she isn’t anymore.
      I don’t think I’ve properly got my head round it yet, and it’s 10 months now.
      It’s strange driving by her house, the house that I grew up in, that she spent 50 years of her life in, and that she loved so much, knowing that she isn’t there anymore,that she isn’t shuffling around the kitchen, or making a cup of coffee anymore, and that the lights that are shining in the house at night, are shining on a different family,one that bears no relation to ours.
      God bless you too Lynn, and a belated happy easter to you and you family too xxx

  3. A beautiful tribute to your mom Nick.. Your mom was indeed a very pretty lady..
    Sending you the warmest hugs my new friend..

  4. Thank you for your kind comment Sheena, you know you’re right, she was very pretty, and also petitie ( 4ft 11 approx), but it’s only now that she’s gone that I’ve started to appreciate that fact…. too late now 😦
    love n hugs back to you

  5. Just stopped by to wish you a great weekend.. Hope all is well with you..
    Hugs aplenty..

  6. This is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Mother. I hope you are doing well and your heart is healing..xo

    • Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Rosa 🙂

      Doing well?? … so .so..
      Heart healing… not so good I’m afraid 😦
      It’s going to take a long time I think, thats if this empty feeling ever goes away.
      Keep safe xxxx

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