“The Shy Butterfly” is Published

In August 2009 I reblogged an entry from Reconstructing Christina called “ You said “, possibly one of the best things I have ever read.

Click here to read You Said……

Christina’s story, her loss, and her struggle to rebuild her and her families life reached out and touched me.
Now Christina’s Mum, Penny, has published this book in Duane’s memory.

As Penny says, all the monies she receives will go to Christina’s family for now and in the future.
I’ve already bought it from Amazon, will you do the same ?

For Christina and Duane and their lovely brilliant family xxx

The Why About This


The Shy Butterfly

The Shy Butterfly is published. Now available at Amazon.com. As I write this announcement there are tears running down my face. When I first wrote this story six years ago, the inspiration for the story (which I shared with him at the time) was Duane Brownlee. My daughter’s husband.

the brownlee familyA man endowed with an amazingly happy outlook on life and people. His, a gentle positive attitude about living each day to the fullest. This then was Duane. Three years ago on the weekend of his son’s tenth birthday, Duane was struck and killed by a drug using motorist, just several blocks from his home. I was there, a tragic traumatic event, his family’s lifeDad with children changed forever.

They’ve carried on. Filled with the memories of his loving and happy nature living within each of them.

This book is dedicated to Duane and all my monies received from the sale…

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4 responses to ““The Shy Butterfly” is Published

  1. Hi there Nick, it amazes you what some people go thro’ and come out the other side having learned the hard way how to cope with loss and all it means … ’tis bad enough when the person who dies is a loved one who’s lived their life, but when it’s one cut short, well, pain doesn’t describe what’s felt by the young family left behind… thank you for sharing my friend, and good to see an update from you… hugs .. xPenx

    • Hi there Nick, I hope all is well, I keep dropping by in the hope of seeing an update. Hugs to you and many thanks for dropping by my site, you’re always a welcome visitor. xPenx

  2. Thanks for sharing this book. I will definitely check it out. I hope all is well with you.

  3. How beautiful you have presented the book Nick! Thank you with all my heart, from myself and my family! Much love to you and your family Nick, Penny xoxxoxxox

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