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Getting There????

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Tears in Silence Every Night I don’t want to Argue Or have a Fight A thought,  A sound, Any kind of Trigger Can bring on Sensations I just cant Figure How to deal With Before they Consume My Emotions And … Continue reading


Letting Go..

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Mum – 1958 aged 28 I feel like I’m living my life trapped in a bubble I can’t break free and it’s causing me trouble I don’t want to let go of the Mum that I’ve lost But I know … Continue reading


A Mother’s Smile

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For ever and always, a mothers love and a beautiful smile Christmas 2003 – she was 73 then A mothers touch, a mothers smile, 14 weeks…. Its been a while My life has been turned upside down I’ve been to … Continue reading


A Quarter of a Year… and an Existence

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Mum aged about 10.. was life fun then???? 13 weeks… a quarter of a year What would I give, just to hear The sound of her voice, the feel of her touch Is it unreal to want for that much? … Continue reading


If only’s and what if’s ….

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  All my love always – it’s a two way thing What if I could go back in time Would I go back to see mum in her prime? Or would I go back to earlier days Ones that I … Continue reading


11 weeks

Tears on my cheeks

They dry in the sun

Still, life is no fun….

The tears still come

My mind is numb

I remember your smile

It helps for a while….

77 days

Life’s still a haze

The memories still fresh

As they all intermesh….

My heart is black

As I look back

11 weeks

With tears on my cheeks


Weeks to Months

Christmas 2003

Has it really been 10 weeks Mum

Since you left us here?

My thoughts are with you constantly

It’s as though I fear

That one day I will forget you

And all that I once held dear

Now at last we have a place to go,

to talk, to listen, to just be near

to be there in those stressful times

when our minds we need to clear

Reunited in heaven and now on earth

Together at last with Dad and Gran

R.I.P. my loves

All my love always