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To my friend Lea,

When I am dead

Cry for me a little

Think of me sometimes

But not too much.

Think of me now and again

As I was in life

At some moments it’s pleasant to recall

But not for long.

Leave me in peace

And I shall leave you in peace

And while you live

Let your thoughts be with the living

For your brother.


About Time Too!

About time too!    
footy round the corner, the new season beckons….a tine full of hope, ambition, fears and tears ( if your club isn’t doing too well.
Up until 2 weeks ago, I have to say I think my aspirations for the coming 10 months approx were firmly rooted in the latter part of the above statement.
However, the departure of Dave " Oim only using dis club for me own ends"O’Leary  and Mr. Herbert Douglas " Peace in our time " Ellis , coupled with the arrival of Martin " the Messiah " O’neil  and the prospective new owners / transfer kitty have changed my mind a tad, and have filled me ( and Mrs. Dog I might add ) with a renewed sense of optimism.
Round about 5.00pm gmt tomorrow ( Saturday 19.8.06 ) this might change.. and completely ruin my weekend.
All I can say is , COME ON YOU LIONS! do your best, and don’t be frightened. After all its only The Arsenal… but at a new ground that they aren’t used to yet.
Good luck boys!!

The Messiah!

Has God returned to the hallowed halls of B6
 in the guise of a bespectacled Irishman?
Only time will tell, but Marin O’Neill has got to be better than the other gent from the emerald isle , that has graced the steps of the Holte End.

     "Oi never really wanted to be here in de furst place , bollox and feck ye!" 
I know that this has been said before but…… could he be the one?
Good manager, good bloke, a winner, and he wont stand for any messing around from overpaid prima donnas that dont want to play for the club.
Not a fantastic  start, but friendlies are what they are…. friendlies, so dont read too much into early / pre season results.
AND… for any Villa fans that might happen upon this mighty electronic tome, dont expect to be top top top of the league by christmas. Its not going to happen.. yet.
Mr. Ellis looks like he has finally realised that time is not on his side, and is going to sell up.
Possibly to Randy, possibly not, more probably we will all be wearing stars and stripes in claret and blue soon, but so long as the money comes in ..well thats fine & dandy by me. ( I’m only joking about the stars and stripes ) .
Mr. Neville and AV06 dont seem to have enough money to buy the club , let alone finance players etc.
Mr . Still ( svens agent and chum ) might have the readies, but Sven in charge…?
I’m not convinced.
Its The Arsenal first game of the season, away at the new Emirates Ground, aka Ashburton Grove.
Talk about a tough baptism of fire!!
Martin, you have got some work to do there my son, but by George , I believe you can do it!
Good luck to all at the Villa for next season, especially me and Mrs. Dog, as we are 2 of the( up to last friday) , 11000 mugs, sorry,  season ticket holders , who have renewed.
That might turn out to have been a very wise and fortuitious choice.
Good night folks!
Up the Villa!!
" Sorry son, you’re shit.. fuck off now so I can get a good manager in! "
"eeer … potatoes, guiness, big pay off, no job… oh bollocks! where’s Nialls phone number "

Catch up time!

 Phew, well what a month. its just pissed passed, I can’t believe it. 
We went to the British Grand Prix at the beginning of July,( motor bikes this time, no drink, so I can remeber what happened! ) ) and  been on Holiday to Kos ,which was absolutely fantastic.
The Old Growler passed her PADI Scuba Diver Qualification , Well done misses!!
 We did 8 Dives while we were away, saw loads of fish, dived a wreck called the Thor Star, and …well I’m not going to go on & on like the Paris saga, just suffice to say , we had a great time and i cant wait to get back there in September!
One thing I must say is that if anyone is going out to Kos and is staying anywhere near Kos Town ( which lets face it , is anywhere on Kos, )then get ytourself down to the Harbour, look up Liamis Dive Centre , speak to Steve or Athina , and they will sort you out for sure.
If they can teach Mrs Dog to dive, well….
Check them out with this link
I have uploaded some photos for you to have a look at,and when I get more time I will upload some more.
its time for me to go now, Mrs. Dog is out filling her chops with chinese, so its off to the local purveyor of ethnic spicy nosh ( curry house ) for a chicken Madras , and Keema Pilau rice.
A very tasty dish, that doesn’t remove the hairs from my arse crack the next morning, though sometimes it does make it a bit loose in the bottie department!!
I shall leave you with that horrendous thought, don’t dwell on it for too long, and remember, thank the lord that I don’t eat curry every night! 
Goodnight folks!

Not dead yet!

 Hello everybody!! Its me!
Rumours of my demise from blogland have been circulating round Dog Towers for a few weeks.
These are not true. I have been soo busy i just haven’t had time to blog. So many apologies to everybody that has been looking on here and seen no changes.
Thanks for checking back, I should be sticking stuff on here in the very near future, so please keep on coming by
see you all soon