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Rantings, Reminiscences and Requiems

 Hmmm…Where to start….
Ahh I know, party party…happily the party we went to on the 13th went really well ( looks like it going to be reminiscences first ), and contrary to all the previous statements about Irish, beer & fighting , there was none of this frivolity.
The Lady of the party , Tina, had chosen the music play list herself , and a great success it was , with a very good mix of disco, trance, dance ,some new stuff I’ve never heard of, and 70’s reggae,which brings me to ………
All of a sudden I’m sitting there ( a few pints of Stella in, actually quite a few in )listening to stuff I haven’t heard for nearly 30 years, with  memories pouring through my mind, some good,some bad, memories of times past,of people I haven’t seen  for sooooo long, and to be honest, memories that surfaced from nowhere that I thought I had forgotten.
The one song that really took me back was a ditty by a geezer called Barry Biggs ( I only know this because I looked for the song on youtube, and his name came up..along with a load of other songs I remembered ), called Sideshow..
Barry Briggs did he get that voice
 For some reason this struck a real chord, and I sat there pissed as a twat, singing along to this song that I didn’t even know that I knew the words to, remembering people that were forever connected with the sounds caressing my ears, waiting for Float On by the Floaters.

 Cancer.. and my name is " Larry" ……..
There is something almost hypnotic about this song, the way its is put together,the lyrics, the backing track, the dreamy beat…pure class.. though we all used to take the piss out of " Larry"


There is something about this " old skool " reggae that is absolutely brilliant…..I could listen to this stuff all day,

Junior Murvin ( who??.. note the date )
Police & Thieves.. brilliant..
I’m not sure what it is, but this stuff just makes me want to get up and dance ( note from Ye Olde Dog: I do really,It’s 5 pints of lager and a few fizzy white wines you lightweight), though having said that there are a few dance tunes that have the same effect… Robin S , Nightcrawlers, Deep Dish…..
Funny thing though…when I was young I couldn’t stand reggae…I  was too into disco..saaaddd!!!
 Clucking Bell!!.. 5 fucking 0..
Unbelievable.. me & the old growler went to Anfield with the travelling Villa army on Sunday, and witnessed a comprehensive spanking from the Red scouse
I appreciate the effort everyone at the club has put in over the last few years, and just how much the club has moved forward, but I’m sorry Martin ( & I feel a bit like R.E.M here… losing my religion)
He’s 6 foot 3 with curly hair , Cuellar Cuellar
He’s 6 foot 3 with curly hair , Cuellar Cuellar
He’s 6 foot 3 with curly hair ,His teeth are fucked but we dont care
He’s Carlos Cuellar Villa’s ..errr Haven’t got a clue!

but what the fuck was going on Sunday…. A right back as left back ( Luke Young), a midfielder as a right back( Coker), a recognised left back on the bench(Shorey)…. Martin, I appreciate just how much we have moved on, but why….?????

Natasha Richardson
Here today, gone tomorrow…sadly for her & her family, a lesson for us all , of just how fragile life really is… it’s not like the movies.. people really do die from a knock on the so sad for all concerned.
Jade Goody
Fuck that was quick…..I thought long and hard about the picture to put on here, and I looked at loads,but this one touched home.
I didn’t particularly like her,but the way she faced her fate has changed my opinion.
She was brash, she was in your face, she came across as thick as shit,but she was only 27….. this is happening to women all over the country..Girls.. when the letter comes, take the test.. please!!!!
And finally for  Fluff…..
A loss of an unborn child may seem to many as a " so what"…..
It’s not.. it is everything that is/ was /could have been…..It is here it is now,  it is tomorrow, the future.
It hurts just as much as losing a parent or a brother
We lost a baby at  3 the time I thought it was for the best, but as I get older, my thoughts turn to things that could have been, (he/she  would have been 20 this year), was it a good thing… my mrs says it must have been for a reason…..
Life, it’s  so precious,so fragile,and sometimes so so so short……
God bless you all..
Rest in Peace


Catching Up and Random Observations

Well hello chaps… if there are in fact any chaps left,
Contrary to any rumours you might have heard, I am in fact still alive ( happily,for me that is), and kicking.
What have we been up to….
Well without giving you a day to day break down of the last 2 months ( Oh my long!!! ), we went to Doncaster to watch Villa play Doncaster Rovers in the FA cup, ( 0- 0 ), and we went to Liverpool, to Goodison Park to watch the Villa play Everton in the FA cup (3-1 to them, there’s a pattern evolving here ), and we have been …..
oh bollox you don’t want to hear about that, I’m boring myself!
Let’s concentrate on what we are GOING to do……..
Right then, tonight (oooerr friday 13th )we are going to a 40th birthday party …. it starts at 7.30pm and doesn’t finish until 1.30AM……
FACKING HELL…. this might be my last blog ever… .. I haven’t been drinking since my 50th (I’ve developed a taste for Champagne, and nothing else seems to hit the spot ), so the thought of 5 hours  on the pop is filling me with dread..
Apologies to Rie here, this part of the entry is very tongue in cheek……
Plus the lady concerned is of the Irish persuasion..(and there’s nothing wrong with that), but it’s a well known fact that if you put Irish folk & beer together for any amount of time,then they will indulge in that most favourite of pissed up pastimes… FIGHTING!!!
Another good night out at the Dubliners Arms!
I’ve seen this occur on many occassions, the last time being in Shenannigans in Kos, when 2 " ladies " decided that they weren’t actually the best mates they thought they were .. oh oh!!
Actually, before everyone with the slightest connection with the emerald isle jumps on my back, I’ve also had some brilliant times at Irish do’s so there.. just dont drink the Guinness….
it turns your poo black!!!
Yum yum…..
told you it was tongue in cheek..
woof woof!!
Saturday might well be spent either with my head in my hands or speaking to God on the big white telephone ….
I’ll let you know!
Random Observations..
Skins…. the tv programme not neo facists  or football hooligans…
I watched series 2 ( yes I know it’s for kids & I’m old enough to be their grandad ), which seemed to deal with
" youth " issues in a serious but humourous way,Jals pregnancy, Chris dying, the fall out from that etc, but this series just seems to be about a bunch of drug crazed ,drunken sex maniacs,with no repect for anyone or anything.
Is this a real representation of kids today….
Does the " average " teenager get up to this kind of stuff all the time…..
 Chocolate issues……very important item and a subject close to many a woman heart!
Some scottish doctor has proposed a TAX on chocolate, to the same levels as those of CIGARETTES & ALCOHOL!!
apparently some people are eating their entire daily calorie allowance … chocolate!!! ……
shock horror….
fatties out for a walk today
What’s next…. a fat tax on fish & chips,bacon butties or crisps…..
The easy answer is MORE EXERCISE……. try taking the dog for a walk for example
Oh Bollox!
Not more walking!
I’ve worked years to get this silhouette..
Ok, perhaps not that one …..or as Norman Tebbitt once said…get on your bike! ( though thinking about it,  I seem to remember he was actually talking about finding a job at the time… oh how the memories fade!  )
Norman Tebbitt.. not on his bike!
 worse, there are probably people reading this who don’t even know who he was/is!
Celebrity Programmes…. Does anyone actually care….?
And talking about " celebrities " mention must be made of Jade Goody, who could just about come into that category.
whatever you think about her, and her motives for sharing her " last moments" with a voyeuristic public, she IS bringing the issue of Cervical cancer into the public eye, and by doing do she has managed to get the screening rates up by 20%.
 If as a result, only one woman  goes for a smear that wouldn’t have gone, and by doing so is diagnosed early and 
" cured " , then surely all this publicity is a good thing…
 And don’t forget the two little lads , both under 6, whose lives are just about to be completely turned upside down.
Cancer is a shit, insidious, disgusting  disease, that eats away inside, killing millions every year.
It could be you , it could be me, or someone we love very dearly, so the next  time you see one of those pesky people jangling a bucket marked Cancer Research in front of you, don’t just walk by, put your hand in your pocket, even if it’s only a small amount..
Remember, it could be any of us, and every little bit helps.
Have a great weekend folks, sorry to everbody that I haven’t been to see in a long long while, I WILL get round at some stage…. this year!
Catch you sometime soon folks.. if I survive tonights onslaught!
Did I really try on a fur coat.. ..
Does it fit?