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Off Again!

 Well folks..
It’s that time of year again,the sun is shining (ish) and my thoughts are turning to our summer hols….well more than that really, as tomorrow 2nd July, we are of to the sunny island of Kos ( again-  ) ..for 3 WEEKS!!
" You jammy bastard! " I can hear you all shout…well yes I suppose we are really..but this time we have a purpose.. and that is to do our next step up in the PADI diving world, and become Rescue Divers.
That doesn’t mean that we will be sitting by our phone waiting for it to ring, then clambering in to our dive gear and throwing ourselves into the nearest puddle, International Rescue stylee,

but what it does mean is that we will be able to look after ourselves underwater IF  either of us, or our dive buddy have a problem.
Coupled with the Emergency First Response first aid course we did the other week ( and passed I might add ), it’s another step up the PADI dive ladder, leading to who knows what…. maybe a divemaster, though I honestly don’t think I will get there, for a few reasons.. fitness first, and the responsibility of looking after other divers… plus I’m a shit teacher …though having said that PADI don’t just let anyone become a divemaster, and there is a lot of training involved… 
Watch this space ( literally ) as they say!
Apart from the studying, and preparation ( getting packed- and I’m still not-oh oh! ), it’s been a bit of a sad / stressfull time round here, with the spectre of death hanging around the place.
The dad of one of our very good friends died a few months ago, then at the beginning of May, my boss’s dad died.
I have known the old boy for nearly 33 years, and he was 83, but it was a bit of a shock.
This was followed by the (very) sudden death three weeks ago of the mother of the girl I share an office with.
Her mum was only 66, and from diagnosis to death was two weeks – boy I know about that one – and I’ve been offering emotional support, and general comfort.
I actually got quite upset at one point, which was strange really as I didn’t even know her mum, perhaps it was because of having gone through the same thing with my dad, but the emotion of it all has left me quite drained, and boy do I need a holiday!
Changing the subject just a bit, well done Kathy,I’m so glad you and Jake enjoyed your day, and even better that you got on in person, and weren’t disappointed. Brilliant..I’ve never had the bottle to meet a msn friend, though it has been close a few times.
Hope you are all coping with the heatwave, its 30c at the moment, and the sun isn’t even out..don’t worry though, its supposed to be raining by saturday..but not for me!
So without much further ado, I shall say andio my friends, see you when I get back, which will be around the 24th July ( so long I can’t believe it! )
Take care my friends, see you soon!
Ps. Sorry to eveyone that has left me messages that I haven’t got round to replying to, time has just run out, so thanks to Jo, Jen, Sarah , Kenny, Dianne, Carole, and anyone I might have missed.. I’ll catch up when I get back..honest!