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Too busy to live!

 Hello Chaps!
Remember me?
As a very famous person once said " rumours of my demise are quite mistaken  or something very similar.
Life has been a whirlwind of… well just living really.
I cant believe its been nearly a month  ( is fact is IS a month to the day  ) since I was last on here.
Its so embarrasing…
What’s been happening??
Well, after the major piss session on 21st April ( when the Villa spanked the blues ) sad news came to light of a villa fan being killed on his way home from the match,(as it happens to the same pub we were in! )
This poor guys name was Chris Priest, he was 26.

The matter is under investigation as we speak, but the brief from the police is that it was a tragic accident.
Lets hope thats true, but there are rumours a plenty going round up here about the blokes in the car being Birmingham supporters, and there is definitely something a bit strange about the circumstances surrounding the events that day.
It puts it all into perspective really, but ( and I know this is small consolation for his family ), he had just enjoyed probably the best footballing day of his life.
Rip Chris.
The bank holiday weekend saw us off to the Villa to watch the last home game of the season ( where did that go? )and also coincidentally Olof Mellberg’s  last home game.
Unfortunately we got stuffed 2-0 by Wigan, therby ensuring their premier league status, and screwing up our chances of finishing 5th.
Bollocks.. no europe again!


Olof Mellberg – Great Guy – Villa legend!


Thanks for the memories.
But the day was a brilliant tribute to Mellberg a real thank you from the fans for all that he had done over the last 7 years, and a nice goodbye.


Olof Mellberg – you will be missed


The great Man warms up- pre match
He really appreciated it as well, and at the end of the match when they have the parade round the pitch, he was there taking photos of US.. brilliant!
Jumping ahead slightly, he followed this up the next week , by giving  all the travelling villa fans a FREE shirt, as a thank you… what a guy!

What a Guy!
Good luck at Juventus Ollie, thanks for everything matey!
Sorry.. I digress.. where was I ?? oh yes off to the smoke again for a brilliant bank holiday weekend with my bro & his girlfriend.
This  time we went to the Natural History museum,on sunday ( brilliant place ),

 Where we saw plenty of natural history type stuff, insects , fish , animals, etc,and also…
real live ones… brilliant….they have got a T-rex which moves and groans and makes a huge amount of noise.
What the fuck is that?
T-rex stupid
I Dont remember Marc Bolan looking like that!
Baby dinosaurs
Fucking Hell!!
though how it doesn’t escape beats me!
I have taken some video,and when I get it uploaded to youtube I will post a link to it HERE.
We followed our dinosaurial activities up with  a brilliant greek meal at a restaurant on Tottenham Court Road ( which spookily enough is nowhere near Tottenham – work that one out ? – ) called Andreas.
Great food, good service, and a fair decent price for what we had, which including beers & 2 bottles of wine, for the 4 of us came to just over £100 with the tip.
Then on Monday… wait for it Carole…
Windsor Castle!!
Windsor Castle.. our heritage.
Thats not me by the way!
Absolutley fucking brilliant place, though it took us 2 hours to get from Fulham to Windsor, and another hour to get parked.
Then another hour to get into the place… and it was gloriously hot, and we hadn’t got any suntan lotion on.. ouch later on.
What a great castle, steeped in history, there are some fabulous things there.
Want to pop on for a cup of tea dear?
Come on George!
Imagine waking up to this view every morning

or this……
My only complaint is that they are VERY VERY strict on photos, that is you cant take any inside ( which is  a bit of a bummer ,) but it didnt spoil the visit.
The other thing that blew me out was the fact that it appears to be on the flight path to Heathrow, and we had the very surreal sights of jumbo jets skipping over the rooftops of the castle on the way to land… surely that cant be right….what about security etc??

" Phillip,  what the fack is that ? "
" just another cocking jumbo lizzie- go back to sleep"
There is too much to tell about Windsor, it really needs to be visited in person ( thanks Carole ) and is well worth it… though I would look at the train as a possible means of transport next time.

Crooked house – that IS me in the picture
Dont you just lurv those legs
Last sunday was spent out in the sun, tv in the back garden, watching Birmingham City on Sky , listening to the Villa at West Ham on the radio, and drinking pints of ice cold cider and beer ( I remember doing a very similar bog last year…. )
Well what a day….
Birmingham City AKA the Shit won their game 4-1, ho ho, but it didn’t matter, because both Reading AND Fulham both won, so it KERCHING… through the trapdoor and
Bye Bye Blues, I would like to say hope to see you soon, but I dont, back where you belong amongst the empties, thanks for a great season, 6 points 7 goals and for taking a thrashing by us.
Cheers mates!

 you’re not smiling now David
What a wanker..
neither are these two
 Russian General Sullivan.
Who the fuck does he think he is??
How can you respect such a figure of fun? 
Also congratulations ( through gritted teeth ) to Man United for winning the premier league ( again,  yawn,  yawn ),


and to West Brom and Stoke for getting promotion. (12 points there next season then  ).
And to Villa for finishing 6th.. well done boys, it could have been 5th , but at least we have a back door way into europe via the Intertoto cup.
Lastly congrats to Portsmouth for winning the FA cup, at least ole’ " Appy ‘Arry Rednapp
The FA Cup
A miserable moaning bastard
will have something to talk about when he finally gets locked up for corruption! ( alledgely your honour! ).
And Finally…at last I hear you say…


Dr. Who.. and Catherine Tate……..
I would be very interested to hear peoples views on the aforementioned ginger tart ( ooops that gave my opinion away! ), and this series story lines.
The first series of Dr. Who with Chris Ecclestone &  Billie Piper was superb, and David Tenant took over the mantle excellently.. I got over the loss of the luscious Rose, and accepted Martha Jones as her own person and character,even Kylie ( mmmm ),
who was a little bit stiff looked like perhaps she had something going for her  but Catherine Tate is so one dimensional it is unbelievable.
The xmas special " runaway bride " was just like watching a tedious  skit off her completely unfunny show.
Every episode I sit there waiting for her to do a " tateism ", and sure enough up one pops, just like one of the characters off  the aforementioned completely unfunny tv programme.
Talk about a one shot pony!
There have to be fair, been one or two ( and i mean ONE OR TWO ), amusing bits, but on the whole,sorry Russel, I think you have fucked up on this one.. plus the story lines are very weak in this series… last nights wasp / Agatha Christie episode…
What the fuck was that about????
Bring back Rose!!
And finally finally , many many apologies to everybody I have been neglecting, I really am sorry that I haven’t been to visit.
I have spent a long time talking to you all, getting to know you, and I dont want to lose your friendship.
To those that have left me messages, Carole, Ballet Cat Blue, Rie, Anne,Kate,  I can only apologise, and try to get round to see you sometime soon… and to those that have stuck with me …
Well thank you very much my friends…..
See you soon….. fingers crossed!!