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Bonjour Mes Amis!

Hi folks, 
well the weekend beckons, and instead of going to a boring and very annoying football match, me and Mrs Dog are off to gay (ooerr) Paris (sorry Bel ), for a weekend of relaxation and culture, and who knows maybe even a bit of romance.    
Mrs Dog particularly wants to go to the Henri Cartier Bresson museum ( a famous photographer..M.Bresson that is , not the museum), to see his photos, and just to chill out for a few days enjoying the scenery, the ambience, and hopefully the good weather.
I will report on this when I get back after next week, 
have a good weekend bloggers,
On a footy related note, sorry can’t help it,
               COME ON YOU VILLA BOYS!
and Newcastle at the Sty, your  country needs you to send these ersatz footballers back to the depths of where they belong!
A french man today after finding out that Mr. & Mrs. Dog were due in town tomorrow

Caption Competition

In an effort to cheer myself up after the previous blog , I have decided to start a caption competition.
Please feel free to leave a comment
Prizes will be ……er …..non-existent, apart from a ranking in the Dog Kennel of Fame.

We Waz Robbed!

    For fucks sake!!
Don’t those bone idle fuckers realise that we STILL aren’t safe?
Last nights performance was little short of complete trash….no in fact it was worse.. it was shite!
Man City, who are on a worse run  than Paula Radcliffe in an Athens marathon, come to Villa Park , full of woe, and one Darius Vassell.
The Villa boys, who have just beaten the blues ,and played well at Wigan but lost, need one more point to be mathematically safe from RELEGATION .
This has got draw written all over it.
Lets get one thing one thing straight.
Man City are shit. Stuart Pearce is a good manager , but still learning. They were there for the taking.
Lets get another thing straight.
We are just as bad. A draw would have been a fair result, two very poor teams playing and end of season game that meant absolutely fuck all. Just one more point boys , no worries .
I think we started out with a 3 – 5 -2 formation.
Why change from 4-4-2 ?
Perhaps O’leary didnt want to piss off any of the centre backs. Melberg back fit, Cahill scores a wonder goal against the shit, and Ridgewell….er being Ridgewell.
Jlloyd & Hughes as wing backs , JP Angel & Baros up front.
Hmm… that actually doesn’t sound too bad
Hughes was shit all game, Jlloyd didn’t really know where to play, though I think a wing back / attacking midfield role suits him, Milner tried as he usually does, Barry showed touches of class, then seemd like it was too much trouble for him, McCann KEEPS giving the ball away….
Jp had a good game, he looked liked he cared, but the biggest crtisism has to be for
who looked liked he couldn’t really give a fuck and was of on his hollibobs to that World cup thing that is happening in june/july.
When Ablongahor (you want to try saying that when you have had a few!) came on for Baros, we started to have a go, but at that stage yes….as usual.. an ex villa player comes and scores against us.
Fucking Hell!!!    
On comes Super Kevin Phillps, 4 mins overtime, it is written, we will get a goal.
Which duly comes with about 1 minute t ogo.
Cue much jumping up and down and coming in ones trousers.
But not to be.
Fucking offside! What a load of bollox. (it wasn’t offside, don’t these linos know the fucking rules?)
Game over.. 1 – 0 to one of the poorest teams that have played there this season, still in the mix, though I do agree with our managers view that whilst were wern’t good enough to win it (he’s got to be kidding!) we didn’t deserve to lose, and a draw would have been fair.
If you dont try then what do you expect?
Season ticket next season?   At this moment in time…not a fucking chance! I am not going to cough nearly £500 smackers each for me and the old growler (thats Mrs. Dog ) to go and watch that shit.
Fuck ’em.
I can’t write any more now as I have managed to piss myself off by ranting on so much, so I will come back when I have calmed down .
Laters Dudes

Highs and Lows

 Looks like its 3-2 to Wigan as I write.
Three more games to go, two at home, the usually solid defence has gone to pieces and they have conceeded 12 goals in the last 3 away games.
Not good enough.
The sooner this season finishes the better I think,  so that we can get on with the next one, hopefully which will be better than this one.
Still , they seem to have had a go tonight, and I will certainly be watching Sky in a min to see the highlights.
After the immense high of sunday, possibly ,if not the best footballing day I have had, it rates up there in the top 5 ( beating Arsenal 3-2 when Santa tried to kill himself on December evening, Chelsea 2-1…. there are a few!), tonight brings you back down to earth.
Oh well, bring on Man City next week, see what happens then.
Have been space hopping quite a bit recently and have come across quite a few good ones, check out some of the links especially testarticles, great music, great space, with a little bit of sauce and spice to boot!

Cahill Scores Wonder Goal!

This picture needs no introduction.
Please feel free to copy it ,or alternatively go to :
and click on derby day wall paper.
Well Done Villa!

Seventh Heaven

     There are times in your life when you wonder why  the fuck you do things.
For me this mainly revolves around going to Villa Park where i have seen some absolute crap.
Then suddenly out of the blue something happens that makes you realise why you keeep going.
Sunday 16th April 2006
Easter Sunday
The claret and blue glory boys finally put the blues hoodoo to rest and we did the double over them, beating them 3- 1. 
 I am so fucking happy I could shit!
At last I can go into work tomorrow with a large smug grin on me chops and donate tons of stick to all the bluenoses that have given me shit for the last 3 years.
What makes it even sweeter is that we have probably relagated them as well.
Sometimes life is soooo sweet.
I have given the villa shit on more than one occasion in these  pages, so now the time has come for me to say
        Thank You Villa! 
I have only just sobered up after a night of celebrating, what a day , what a result!
And to make it even better I broke a rule of life and actually recored the match so I will be able to enjoy it even more!!
Enough football… oh alright    3-1 ,3-1, 3-1, 3-1! We’ll meet again, dont know where , dont know when,  but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day!!!!!
ok ok ok………
Went to St Neots ( down the A14) after the match to stay at some friends for the night, and it turns out that I have a cousin that lives in St. Neots that I have never met, and even more coincidental, she lives 200 yards from our friends house, so after scrubbing my mouth cleans of beery and winey wafts we sullied forth to meet this new (to us) member of my extended family.
And jolly glad I am that we did, as she is very nice.
She also has got loads of photos of my gran and her siblings and family from when they were young ( 1920s ish).Some great photos, well worth the visit………..
I cant help this… I’m sorry but…no I’m not sorry really….
I will continue this later as i’m afraid that all I can think about is sundays result, which for me is absolutely fucking fantastic, but for you, my growing band of reader (s), it must be piss boring.
Sorry…..not really!!!
Catch up with you soon.

An apology

With reference to the entry titlled Lip up Fatty
I have just re read this entry and I feel that some of the comments might have been biased and unfair.
I wish to aplogise for any offence these comments might have caused to barrys curry house and toileting facilities.
 a toilet                            a large shit